After a successful career in garment manufacturing and fashion, I hit a wall, I burned out, I fell apart and became a zombie.

After a few years as a zombie, I realised I could either stay like this for the rest of my life or change. Change sounded hard. Staying stuck was so much easier. Keep taking the pills the doctor prescribed, keep hanging around with other complainers and enablers.

But no, I couldn’t. I realised that that way, the stuck way, was killing me slowly and change, no matter how hard would be worth it.

And so I started to read every personal development book I could get my hands on, I took courses on mental health and brain development, I started studying neuroscience and became a student of the experts and masters in the emerging sciences of epigenetics and neuroplasticity.

And I learned that I could change. That we can all change and we can make it easy on ourselves if we work with our mind and how it operates rather than fighting it.

And that’s what I now do with hypnosis for myself and others.

Hypnotherapy is simply a way of tapping into the way your mind already works. Working with your natural learning processes, it’s much easier to help you change and adopt healthy, helpful patterns of behaviour.

I believe in respectful, positive, solution-focused therapy.

I believe in working in partnership with my clients, helping them draw on the unique resources and skills they already possess.

I know that you are more powerful than you could ever imagine. I will work with you and show you how to enhance that power, harness it and grow into being the you that you want to be, living the life you dream of living.

Know this, your subconscious knows everything you need to know. Your subconscious has all the solutions you need to the problems you have.

I help you unlock the answers.

I help people in physical, mental and emotional pain live freer, happier, healthier lives. Because I was once a zombie and now I’m not.