Monday was a horrible day for me. I was still waiting on the new boiler being fitted, it was freezing cold, no hot water, no car so I couldn’t escape. Arrgh. And I wanted to blow off everything I’d committed to, following up with clients, getting back to prospective clients, working on my website update, […]

I’ve been sitting in the house without heat or water today. And it’s the coldest day of the year (not really but it feels like it.) See the picture above? That’s Russia not here (Wigan), I would not be able to cope with that at all. God bless all the people who face that kind […]

‘ You know, people come to therapy really for a blessing. Not so much to fix what’s broken, but to get what’s broken blessed.’ ~ James Hillman

‘This is a common thing for women in our culture…We have no experience prioritising our own joy or making an investment in ourselves. But is is very easy to say yes to responsibility and obligation.’ Regena Thomashauer EVERY ONE OF US IS PERFECT But none of us feel that way because our culture, from the […]

Enough to change everything, just to feel different from how you are feeling now? I moved across the country, and the Irish Sea two months. I threw my whole life up into the air and said F*%k it! That’s how desperately I needed a change in my life. I was feeling stuck, had been feeling […]

How to Change your Whole Life Without Changing Anything Except How you Think about You. Radical thought, right? Especially if you are a woman. And a parent. And in a relationship. And have a job or work that needs your attention. Unhappy with how life is turning out for you, unhappy with how you look, […]

My mobile phone stopped working last night. I’m not going into a lament about how much we’re tied to these devices nor how bereft I felt, that’s a whole other post. And to be honest, it was the microphone that stopped working, not the whole thing, but when even its just a part of the […]

Well, I’m not sure how you’ll know, but I’ll tell you how I know I’ve changed. Even though everything probably looks the same to the outside eye, in the past two weeks everything has changed for me. And I’m not talking about the fact that I’ve moved across the country, or that I’ve lost my […]

You might wonder why you are reading this? Who am I and what have I got to say that’s relevant to you? I write to connect with the people who can feel my heart through the words on screen, people who can see my soul and recognise a kindred spirit. You are reading this because […]

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