Nearly everybody knows how to lose weight, and everyone has an opinion on what you should and should not eat to lose weight, (No matter their own personal shape). Nothing except maybe politics can create as much passion and debate on social media than discussions as to which diet is “correct”. Everyone suddenly becomes an expert on […]

On the surface, weight loss is a very simple problem with a very simple solution: You gain weight by consuming more calories than you burn off, the solution is as easy as “eat fewer calories.” There you go… problem solved. Well, no, actually. Its not that easy. As many of us have experienced, that’s just […]

Autumn is always a time of self reflection for me. Maybe its because we start the school year in September and so it will ever be associated with new learning, new beginnings and new hope. And also, its a time of fear. For every new beginning means a new risk of not fitting in. Every […]

When asked to think about being happy, some people think about all the things they don’t have that once they do have them, then they’ll be happy. How sad is it that even when asked to think about being happy, they make themselves miserable by thinking about what they want and feel the lack of. […]

Or maybe its not the smartphone as much as social media that you can’t switch off from? Either way, smartphones are now so central to our lives that being separated from them for even a short time can put people into a high state of anxiety. Yep, I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes at […]

  We drift along in life, following the same old patterns, day in and day out. Why? Seriously, have you ever stopped and asked yourself why? Why do you keep doing the sh!t you’re tired of, why do you keep following the same patterns, indulging in the same behaviours when it just messes up your […]

Every day, we make hundreds, thousands of seemingly inconsequential decisions. Probably because in that moment, that decision is not that much of a big deal. So, we hit snooze on the alarm and don’t get up to exercise or work on a project that’s important to us. One day off won’t hurt, right? No, probably […]

zombie New research has emerged that shows scientists have been able to remove memories from the brains of mice. This raises the possibility that you could one day pay to erase some, or even all of your memories. This has actually been put forward as a potential future treatment for people with Post Traumatic Stress […]

Every day we make hundreds of seemingly inconsequential choices. To eat the doughnut, to have a beer, to sit on the sofa, to have another coke, coffee, biscuit. Every single choice is the same thing when you boil it down. Every choice you make, from whether to get up early to meditate/exercise or lie in […]

Why Choose Hypnotherapy?  – Cynthia Curry Adv Dip Chyp You’ve had enough. You’ve reached the end of your rope. That thing, whatever it is, has irritated, annoyed you, upset you for the last time. Whatever it may be, overeating, eating junk food, being fat, bulimic, needing to control food intake, and/or any other eating disorder, or […]

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