Change for Life!

It’s Time to STOP Letting The Past Rule Your Present and Define Your Future

Can I help you? Maybe you don’t have to believe it’s going to work, but this work is undeniable. You will have a massive experience, a release of pent up emotions, trauma that has been building up inside you since childhood. You will have the most amazing experience.

What made you look for someone like me, what made you decide to read this page, to seek help is that you’ve had enough of whatever it is that’s causing you pain, you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked, life hasn’t changed, you haven’t changed.

Now, with this process – gently, effectively you shift how you view traumatic memories.

You finally turn off the lie, ‘I am not enough’ You know you have and are everything.

You are worth it. You are worth showing up for. You’re worth loving yourself. You’re worth healing yourself.

Trauma can be passed down through generations in the DNA. Some of the stuff we carry isn’t even our stuff. When you have the intention to clear out all your trauma, and you have an effective tool to make it happen; you change, your life changes, amazing things happen for you, to you.

I help people feel better about themselves. Everyone has different needs but ultimately it all comes down to the same thing. Liking yourself, loving yourself enough to show your own self some compassion, loving yourself enough to do the right thing for you.

Watch your health completely change, because so much ill health is caused and worsened by stress. Instead of stressing your body to the point of illness, love yourself so much, love your body so much you can heal it.

We’re all so hard on ourselves all the time. Start to love yourself, be easier on yourself and change everything. You are worthy of your own love.

Break down your walls and open your heart. I can help you see the value in you that you have been overlooking. When you see yourself as valuable and worthy of taking care, you’ll take more care of yourself, changing how you think and how you behave.

Stop giving a shit about what people think of you and you can do anything, achieve everything you want.

This programme is chock-full of processes, interventions, techniques and experiential training that will help you. I will show you how to use many for yourself. So you can be confident of coping in emergency situations.

As always, the choice of what we do, if we even do any work together is yours. Everything in this work is completely up to you.

Learn what an incredible human being you are, simply by being you, just as you are.

And make changes from a place of love and gratitude for who you are and the life you’ve lived.

Overview of The Change for Life Programme

First Session 

Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy (RPET), a process of dialoguing with your subconscious using muscle testing to create the right circumstances for change and allowing change to happen at the deepest level. This is foundational clearing of old programming, priming the subconscious for healing, release and learning new habits of behaviors that are more useful and supportive.

During the first session, you will also have the first of your inner journey’s, Dreamscaping, allowing your subconscious to take you on an amazing healing journey that is absolutely unique, every one you have will be different and every one will be highly relevant to your life and what you need right now.

We will review the Dial Technique, and I’ll show you how to use this to go into your mental and emotional control room, where you can turn down anger, frustration, pain and turn up patience, clarity, peace.

Second Session

RPET to encourage the deepening of the release process and continuing the clearance of old programming, inserting in its place, self love, self compassion, empathy, and confidence. We will also run a process of completing unfinished business and you will experience your second dreamscape which will continue the healing, learning and self love activation.

You will also learn the Trauma Hug and how to use this to recover from emotional overload. We will also talk about RWID and decide on your mantra and you will understand the power of this tool in changing your state of emotions.

Third Session

Repeating the RPET to encourage the deepening of the release process and continuing the clearance of old programming, inserting in its place, self love, self compassion, empathy, and confidence.

Intensive Inner Child Healing work, reconnecting to your traumatised self and giving that child within what he needs to feel safe, secure, loved. 

Dreamscape to learn new information and gain more healing from the subconscious.

Fourth Session

Repeating RPET process as before.

Anger Release and Forgiveness: a deep hypnosis programme designed to  release all pent up anger from past relationships, events, misunderstandings, etc. Replacing the anger with love, kindness and joy.

Dreamscape to learn new information and gain more healing from the subconscious.

Fifth Session 

Repeating RPET process as before.

Future Life Modeling, a deep hypnosis programme calling in the emotions, feelings and thoughts you want to infuse into every cell in your body, imagining the ideal life you want to live and  opening the subconscious ability to heighten your intuitive ability to be in the right place at the right time to make it happen.

Dreamscape to learn new information and gain more healing from the subconscious.

Each session will be followed up with specific homework for you to help integrate the healing work achieved during our time together.

This is an amazing, intensive process for change, releasing the past and allowing yourself to find peace, feel free to live and love without shadows and fear.

I always recommend to everyone that they look after their mind as they look after their body, with a monthly session to stay clean and clear of old programming once they’ve finished this process. 

Ready to Love Yourself? ‘The Change for Life’ HypnoTherapyCoaching Programme is designed to clear, delete, remove all the old stuff that isn’t even yours and leave you free to build a solid foundation of self love, self compassion, self belief.

If this is what you’ve been looking for, pm/email/contact me.

Cynthia xx

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