Fears and phobias

Fears and phobias can be the bane of our lives and hold us back in life. When walking my dogs, I can tell who has a fear of them from 30 metres away; the way they hold their body changes, they grimace, they stiffen and sometimes even shriek. It always pains me because I feel these people are missing out on one of the best bonds a person can ever have in their life, that of a woman and her dog.

There are many phobias, some fairly common such as fear of spiders or mice and some totally individual to the person who suffers from them. And they can really affect someone’s life, curtailing activities with friends and family, stopping them from getting on with and enjoying life.

However, fears and phobias are acquired and can be cured. We are born with only two fears: the fear of being dropped and the fear of loud noise. We acquire other fears as we develop — but they can be overcome quite easily with hypnosis.

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