In The Dreamscape you will achieve such a profound experience as you play within the purest form of an altered state of consciousness. When you begin to address your life goals through this amazing process of relaxation, meditation and visualisation, there is nothing that you cannot achieve.

You can improve muscle and mind learning for specialist activities and self-improvement, healing the past, calling in the future. This altered state can vary from person to person and offers an incredible experience in terms of exploration and comprehension of the nature of your personal perception of what we call reality.

The Dreamscape offers you the opportunity to experience the majesty of an altered state of your mind and the deep personal transformation it can facilitate quickly and easily.


This is my favourite hypnotic tool and one I use with every client and for myself as often as I can.

To help you understand what The Dreamscape can be like, I’m going to use The Wizard of OZ as an example.

Dorothy, caught up in the hurricane, leaves behind her ordinary black and white existence and regains consciousness in the magical, colour drenched world of Oz. She found her way over the rainbow.

And she meets the beautiful, Glinda, Good Witch of the North. And she meets the Munchkins, a fun loving, happy people who love unconditionally, forgive easily and have been trapped by the wicked witch of the West.

And things seem perfect until the Wicked Witch of the East shows up and makes it clear Dorothy is her enemy and there are obstacles Dorothy has to face and overcome.

And Dorothy must start her journey on the yellow brick road, the path to find her way home, uncertain of the outcome, unknowing of the destination, with no idea how long it might take to get there.

Dorothy makes friends along the path to meet the Wizard and when she arrives at the wonderful city of Oz and sees the Wizard and he sets her what seems like an impossible task.

And even so, Dorothy sets off with all her companions on her quest.

At the witch’s castle she faces her greatest fears and overcomes them and achieves the task, bringing back to Oz and the wizard, the witch’s broom.

And everyone receives were gifts that were not granted by the Wizard because they were already within them, intelligence, heart, courage. Gifts realised by their personal journey through Oz on the yellow brick road. Everything they needed was within, it always was, it always is for all of us.

And the power Dorothy needed was within her, and she awakens back in her ‘reality’ with that thought.

 That journey to Oz for Dorothy could easily be seen as a Dreamscape teaching her something from her deep subconscious.

For myself, I have travelled to outer space, joined a colony of alien beings living on a moon and rescued one from death, I have paddled a raft through shark infested waters and been washed up on a desert island where I repelled an attack from a band of marauding pirates.

Other fabulous journeys that have given me insight into my psyche and guidance for that time and place in my life including standing in a post-apocalyptic landscape and watching grass grow under my feet and spread out to cover the hills and surrounding land. I was called to meet a high priestess under the pyramids and anointed by her. And so many more.

I keep a journal to record all my Dreamscape journeys and revisit them often and just like with Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ, they are hyper realistic, fully immersive experiences. I am there in that sandy temple room in Egypt or on a sun drenched island or climbing the face of a huge iceberg.

In one recent Dreamscape, I was driving through a deserted American West landscape, all red sandstone mesas and nothing but the long road ahead of me. In the car with me was Amelia curled up on the back seat and in the passenger seat was a scary big black wolf.

I drove and drove and the landscape changed into mountains, thick forest and heavy snow drifts and I kept driving until the wolf signaled it was time to pull over.

There in that vast snowy wilderness he took off into the trees and disappeared into the darkness there. Amelia and I got into the car and turned around to drive home and the car was suddenly driving up into the sky, through the clouds.

And we came to my home, a castle in the clouds and Reilly and my Mum, who have both passed on, were there waiting for us. We had a reunion and then it was done, time to come back, what I had needed to achieve with the releasing of the wolf was finished.

Every time you have a Dreamscape, it’s different. Every time, you learn something new, you heal something else, you discover new ways of thinking and being.

When you accept such a journey from your deep unconscious mind, you gain peace, tranquility, acceptance deep within you.

And the journey you have just taken is absorbed by your mind and body and simply eradicates former troubles and concerns.

The Dreamscape is a journey of self-discovery and from it you gain increased self-awareness, self-understanding and self-love.

Such experiences allow a person to understand their own existence and offer growth and increased levels of self-awareness.

In the altered Dreamscape state, we’re capable of more rapid and intense healing, growth, learning and change.

We are more intuitive and creative.

In this ordinary but profoundly powerful, immersive, hypnotic mind-state, our brainwave activity and our biochemistry shift.

Mood, sense of time and cognition become elastic and malleable. We can do things we wouldn’t be able to do in a normal, waking state.


The Dreamscape is the power of self-imagined imagery and deep meditation, a special recipe for rapid change.


When we focus our use of The Dreamscape, we have an awesome ally, a force of change and multiplier of great strength.

The Dreamscape is used in the Change for Life programme, Freespa Addiction Recovery programme and offered as part of an ongoing therapeutic process for self-development. Or you may go on a fabulous journey into your mind simply because it feels so amazing to do so.

 The Dreamscape is available in person or via an online  Zoom session. Make contact to book your amazing experience today.