I get it, of course, I do. It’s scary to buy straight from a website without knowing if you’ll relate to the style of the presenter and the work offered.

Or to set up a call with someone when you have no idea what their voice sounds like and whether or not you want to listen to it in your ear on an audio programme.

And it often takes more than one contact before you decide you want to proceed into a one to one therapeutic relationship.

And I don’t want to be inappropriate and ask you to commit before you’re comfortable 🙂 We’ve all heard those kinda stories and it’s not fun for anybody, right? 😉

Of course, maybe you just love FREE Stuff, and who doesn’t love receiving FREE Stuff?

But, it has to be good stuff, relevant, useful, insightful and deliver results. Otherwise, it’s just junk stuff and we all have downloaded more than enough of that!


I have the good stuff for you right here. Divided into categories so you don’t have to go searching the blog and trawling through all the relevant posts. And broken down into the crucial information you need to make the changes you want in your life.


Ready to take control of your thinking? To change the beliefs that keep you stuck on repeat? To finally gain freedom from whatever’s been blocking you from living the life of your dreams?


Do the work and you’ll create the change you want to see.


‘The more honest you are with yourself, the quicker you get what you want. What you’re willing to see you can change, what you’re not willing to see you cannot change.’

David Breslow


Dive in!


Take Back Control of Your Thinking

Three key neuro training techniques that have been proven to put you in control of your thoughts. No more feeling at the mercy of your thoughts, you are in charge. These techniques might seem deceptively simple but they work to train your thinking like a sheepdog driving it’s herd all in the same direction.


If you want to see a few well-trained sheepdogs in action, take a look at this



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Now listen to this:



And finally this:




Get started on your life goals

“If we believe that we have to ‘feel like doing something’ in order to do it, we might not get anything done. If we simply just begin a task, we can become more motivated as the task is in action.’ Roberto Olivardia


Now read here:





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And finally this:



Gain Control of How You Eat and What you Eat

You don’t need to be fixed, you don’t need to beat yourself up or hate on yourself or starve yourself or over exercise. You need to see yourself as perfect, and once you start to accept yourself, once you start loving yourself, you’ll stop abusing your body, stop overeating and eating crap. Change is so much easier when you start from a place of acceptance.

Now read here:





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And finally this:





A brilliant quote from Nahaz Quddus that reminds us that change is a choice and a process and it will take commitment, effort and you will struggle and fall back and feel like it’s all too much. And if you really want it? You’ll keep going.