A Mindset Rewrite to Banish Winter Blues

Transform hating the thought of winter to instead being able to look forward to the delights of this most misunderstood, maligned and totally magical season.

Shift your Mindset from from that S.A.D thinking (Seasonal Affective Disorder) of Bleak MidWinter, to Loving the Wonderland of Winter and Finding Joy in Dark Nights and Short Days

Seasonal Affective Disorder, Winter Blues, Whatever you call it, it’s an awful thing to feel six months of the year.

Don’t we all get a bit gloomy in October looking down the dark tunnel of six months of short days, stormy gray skies, dark long nights. Rain, rain, more rain. Getting cold, colder, freezing cold. It seems to be always dark, always cold, always miserable.

And there’s the other stuff that makes winter harder, like it costs more to live with higher electricity and fuel bills. 

Flooding threats and those awful scenes on the news of actual flooding in parts of the country, rivers bursting their banks and whole houses under water, villages under constant threat because of heavier rainfall these days. 

Ice on the road, slippy pavements, fear of falling and hurting ourselves or just hurting our dignity.

Always cold, always dark, always miserable.

Not wanting to go out because of the weather and bored staying in.

As the dark nights close in and it gets cooler and cooler, the looming of winter can be overwhelming and suffocating. 

But what if it didn’t have to be like that?

What if you could find a way through these short dreary days and long dark nights without feeling it was boring, dull, depressing, like misery on repeat?

And I’m not talking about moving south to sunnier, warmer climes for the duration.

Or burying yourself under your duvet and not coming out til April.

What if inside of dreading these dark days and darker evenings and darkest nights you were able to find something beautiful, remarkable, fascinating and fun in every day, no matter the conditions? 

What if I could show you a way to see and feel the wonder and awe of the changing seasons and appreciate even the darkest, coldest, rainiest days, the longest, blackest nights? To enjoy the cold, feel energised by the wintry weather conditions and the challenge they present.

What if you could enjoy rainy afternoons, loving the snuggly, cosy, comfort of your warm home while listening to the rain lashing against the windows?

Seasonal Depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is estimated to affect as much as 10 -20% of the population, with 1-2% particularly badly affected, suffering all the symptoms we normally associate with depression, but only experiencing it at this time of year.

Things like having trouble sleeping, being so tired it’s tough to carry out even simple daily tasks and errands. Appetite changes and craving and eating more starchy, sugary foods, gaining weight of course and feeling even more down because of that.

Irritable, avoiding activities you normally love, experiencing difficulty concentrating, feeling tense, stressed and even feeling unexplained aches and pains.

And the daily grind of this starts to make us feel hopeless, powerless and a horrible downward spiral ensues. Yes, I know it, only too well.

But what if you didn’t need to feel like this?

My research in psychology, human behaviour, neurobiology, hypnosis and brain optimisation has led me to learn and develop some amazing, effective mindset training tools.

Tools that have helped my clients overcome childhood trauma, midlife crisis, phobias and medically unexplained disorders such as fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases and IBS. Even suicidal tendencies.

One day recently, I was in the car going to the supermarket, because where else do we go during CovidLife? I was going to the shop and I heard a woman on the radio talking about how miserable September was for her because she dreaded the end of the lighter Summer days and hated the start of the shorter days. As the month progressed she felt worse and worse, this happened every year and she was now prescribed anti-depressants every year by her GP.

I didn’t realise SAD affected people that much and I knew I had tools that could maybe help. I’d certainly seen my work transform people’s lives but I was up against nature here. I had no idea if I could help people overcome that.

Which sent me off to do my favourite thing: research. 

And joy of joys I discovered a treasure trove of research papers on seasonal depression and even better were some recent studies done into people living in the extreme north of the Arctic Circle, a place where extreme weather conditions and an almost permanent darkness for months at a time would suggest a high population of highly depressed people looking for a way out.

But no! These people didn’t want to leave. They were not only resigned to winter and getting through it to Spring, they actively looked forward to it, welcoming it, embracing all it has to offer.

And as the research clarified, it wasn’t anything to do with anything outside of them, not the conditions, the resources, not that they were hardened and accustomed to the winter, it was that they had a particular mindset, a way of thinking that had them accepting winter, actually loving it.

It was how they thought about winter that made the difference. 

That’s it. It’s all about how you think. Life is all about how you think.

I say the same to my HypnoTherapyCoaching clients about whatever they’re facing in life. Everything is about how you think. Change your thinking and you change your life.

When you change how you think about winter, you’ll change how you feel about it and that will change how you live during these months of the year.

I know this may sound too simple to conquer your SAD but honestly it works. Everything starts inside and change comes from the inside out.

After all, what has you hating winter is your thoughts and beliefs about it. Change your thoughts and beliefs and you could be loving winter and enjoying its many joys and delights.

I used this work to change my own life and I know it will work for you too. And the research backs me up. How you think is how you live.

What is the worst thing about winter? Is it the long dark nights, when once home from work, it’s too cold, too wet, too miserable to go out?

I’ve figured out how you can change the dread of those evenings into delight, to make those long evenings something you look forward to. 

In this course, I’ll explain the research but I won’t get all nerdy about it, instead I’ll break it into only the stuff that’s relevant to you, how the Norway studies show how these people react to and think about winter, and how you can copy their processes to change your thoughts about winter.

I’ll go into a bit of detail about the conventional thinking about SAD, explain about Medically Unexplained Disorders, which are symptoms in the mind and body that doctors can’t find any medical reason for their existence.

Because if you’re in any sort of physical pain or struggling with a disease, it’s important to explore the emotional/stress connection. 

Not because anything you feel is causing your physical challenge, but because it can be a part of it. When we release emotional baggage and stressors, we support our body’s healing. It’s as simple as that

We’ll dive into MindSet Rewrite, with detailed guidelines on the most effective ways to change how you think, including my brilliant ‘Belief Buster and Rewrite’ process that enables you to change any belief that’s holding you back into one that empowers you and moves you forward.

And hint – you can use this in every area of your life, not just for this single issue- it’s fast, effective and incredibly freeing to use.

Your third audio is all about the positives of Autumn and Winter that you maybe have never allowed yourself to experience. This will kickstart your thinking into embracing what’s good about winter with all your senses, specific to your personal tastes and interests. Things that have been overshadowed and crowded out by your old way of thinking.

Appreciation of the magic of rainy afternoons, and wrapping up in the right clothes and taking a walk in a howling gale. The fabulous warming winter food and the comforting indulgence of mugs of hot chocolate, steaming chai and irish coffees. 

And so much more, the magic of the season decanted into your ears to have you longing for warm woolly jumpers, thick thermal socks and the fire toasting your toes.

The fourth audio is where you really start shifting into high gear. My incredible neuro training tool, RWID specifically reworked for winter. This is the magic ingredient I use to help client’s gain control of their thinking even when deep in depression or addiction.

In this part of the programme, I’ll guide you into how to use it to make every autumn and winter month magical, each special in it’s own way. From October right through to March.

I can’t wait for you to get stuck into this work, this will change your life. I promise.

The fifth audio is where I go into nature’s cycles and how we also experience cycles in our lives. Winter is incredibly important both physically, spiritually and symbolically. I’ll guide you into a deepening connection with nature and show you how to create and develop your own traditions that you can look forward to celebrating year after year. Giving you another reason to look forward to and love winter, as the time when you  honour your new winter traditions.

All of this plus a workbook filled with task orientated suggestions to help you create a winter to remember.

Journal prompts to deepen your learning and awaken your conscious understanding of where your beliefs came from, making them easier to examine and decide if they work for you and keep or limit you and delete.

This journal work is designed to reinforce and deepen the new neural connections that house your thoughts on appreciating winter and will help your new mindset stick.

There are tips on how to live in harmony with winter and actually have fun as well as lists of entertainment, tv shows, films, books that will while away those cosy evenings in, those lazy Sunday afternoons when all you want to do is relax and indulge yourself. And I’ve included lists of events to get involved in, no matter where you live and even details of the basic clothes you need to fully embrace getting the most out of this incredible season.

Here’s a few testimonials from clients that attest to the power of this work.

‘I would not be here had you not guided and coached me along the way. Maybe for the first time ever I have felt happy with who I am and worthy of admiration and even love. I have shaken off the shackles of domineering parents and ill advised coping skills. The wisdom you have brought the tools you have taught me have become armoury to manage and cope with days when things are tough and better still to make good days better.’ EF

‘The therapy helped me change my thinking and behaviour at my subconscious level which was a new awareness for me. Having previously suffered from depression I am now in a much better place. You have enabled me to make life much happier. Thanks to you, Cynthia and your excellent therapy I am now taking one day at a time and being thankful for life. Maura

The good news is that Cynthia has taught me to…deal with it. She has helped me greatly to learn to truly love myself and not feel strange when I say that. she has taught me to be strong and ask for what I need. Nancy

This mindset work, what I call HypnoTherapyCoaching, is the same toolkit I charge £1000s for in my 1:1 work with client’s. And I’m offering it to you for the amazing price of £99. 

Winter WonderMind  

Winter WonderMind: Hating the thought of winter? Transform that dread to delightful anticipation of the most magical season of the year.


I can’t believe it, but I really want you to have it, to no longer feel like six months of the year are a torture you have to endure to enjoy life only in Spring and Summer.

This works if you use it. And when you use it, you’ll gain back not only peace of mind and freedom from winter blues or seasonal depression – you’ll gain back a whole 6 months of the future years of your life back!

And you’ll have tools you can use in any other situation you feel constrained and stressed from.

But just in case you thought that wasn’t enough for £99! There’s more. I have these amazing bonuses for you.

I’ve created these brand new, powerful hypnotic audios to empower your new way of thinking and make it easy to embrace and enjoy winter, making your new neural networks strong.

The first is Rainy Afternoon: a fabulous, evocative experience that powerfully changes your thoughts and feelings to feel good about the incredible wonder and joy to be found walking in the rain, splashing in puddles, watching the world get washed clean as you listen you the rain beating on your windows.

Winter Wonderland is a beautiful hypnotic journey into a dark snowy night, journeying through the quiet, seeing the warm welcome in the glowing warmly lit windows or the homes you pass, cold nipping at exposed skin, feeling exhilarated and alive, all sensesfully engaged in a way they never are in the summer heat.

Both hypnotic audios will fill you with a lush appreciation of the season, the weather and all the possibilities it contains for fun, adventure, and living fully, embracing the beauty, the stark mystery and wonder of wintertime.

I’ve added an extra RWID resource, a written and audio guide to how to use this amazing tools in all aspects of your life. This will really set you up to think more beneficially about yourself and your life. 

And a friend of mine recently taught me the fastest, easiest and simplest anxiety soothing technique ever. It comes from Japan and it’s amazing. I’m adding that in too!

Of course, if you’re not 100% happy, ask for your refund within 30 days and you’ll get repaid in full, no questions asked.

We’re already halfway through October, if you’re dreading the months to come, then you need to change that, NOW. 

Make life easier on yourself by changing how you think.

Maybe it sounds too simple? But why does it have to be complicated? This works, if you do the work. It worked for me, it works for my client’s, it will work for you.


Cynthia xx

Wow! I’ve just added more bonuses! An extra Audio all about the magic of winter: Winter’s Invitation to you. Plus 8 further hypnotic audios to create the mindset that creates the life you want.

So that’s 2 lush WinterWondeMind Hypnotic audios, a breakdown of RWID and how to use the most powerful mindset tool there – which is absolutely priceless. The Japanese stress release method that’s fast, discreet and totally, brilliantly effective. Your workbook with amazing tools, journal prompts and writing exercises to embed the new neural pathways you’re creating in the work you do. Your Winter’s Invitation audio and 8 other mindset and hypnosis audios.

£99! Buy it now!

Seriously, if you give this your best efforts and feel it hasn’t worked for you for any reason whatsoever, then ask for your money back with 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund.

Winter WonderMind: Hating the thought of winter? Transform that dread to delightful anticipation of the most magical season of the year.