A letter to my soulmate client…

To my soulmate client:
Hey you, yeah I see you.
Hiding there, pretending to be something else, not you though because that wouldn’t be good, you know that, you were told that a long time ago, and no matter what, you still believe.
Not enough, too much.
So you play a part, pretend to fit in, hide parts of you so you can say you belong.
Sawing off pieces of yourself. Denying what you feel, who you are.
The hole inside, the gaping maw of loneliness, of fear and pain always making you go, go, go. Do, do, do.
Its never enough.
No matter how much you do, it never fills you up.
Whatever you have, it doesn’t give you what you need.
Stuck here in this time and place where you don’t fit in, don’t belong.
There’s a word for people like you and me. A whole psychological profile that we push away because no matter what happened back then, we refuse to be defined by it.
But no matter how much we hope what we learned back then is not true, it always seems to be so.
Not enough, too much.
That’s what we are. Blind to who we really are.
Because we can’t see the amazing person we were born to be, the amazing person we cut off because our truth was denied by others.
We can’t see past the damage done.
So we cope. We adapt. We achieve. We create massive success against the odds because no-one believed we could.
But it never feels like enough. Never fills the hole inside. Because deep within we never feel ourselves to be enough.
How can what we do and have be enough when we believe we’re not?
The past: pain, trauma, abuse – whatever your personal history included, whatever it was, it still makes its presence felt.
Still there, still with us. Affecting our thinking, our self esteem, our choices. Our whole fucking lives.
Have you lived trying to be what everyone else needs?
Living as whatever you think they want you to be?
Giving everyone what you believe everyone wants from you?
What about you?
When will you allow yourself to ask for your needs to be met?
When will you allow yourself to be the you that you always wanted to be?
Childlike, wondering at the world and you’re place in it.
That was shut down pretty quickly, but the child still exists. Still longing for…something, everything they never got when we were little…love, approval, recognition, belonging just because we are who we are not because we were good, quiet, followed the rules.
That hole inside won’t fill up with shopping or food or alcohol or whatever you’re using to distract yourself from your feelings.
You’ll only fill yourself up when you accept the truth of your heart and be you. Fully accepting all of you.
The parts that weren’t enough? Yes, they are enough. Always were. Love them.
The parts that were too much? They’re you and you need to express all of you fully. Love them too.
Stuck? Thinking you can’t change, you can’t feel, that you’re not really living? That you don’t feel real?
Nothing touches you where you need it most?
This is what we do.
Working together, you’ll relearn who you are. You’ll reconnect with who you are at your heart and soul levels.
Loving yourself comes first.
Start within.
Change how you think and you’ll change your life.
Everything changes when you change within first.
Ready to be you?
Then come work with me, 1:1 HypnoTherapyCoaching. Change your thinking and you change your life.
Open your mind, the rest will follow.
Over-achieving and non-feeling
However it presents, its always the same wound. Heal yourself.
Because you deserve a life that feels good to you, you deserve to be heard, have your needs met, believe in your dreams and love. All the love in the world. Just for you being you.
Cynthia xx

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