Alignment – how to make sure your internal and outer worlds line up

Much of what messes us up, that gets in our way and holds us back, that causes us to drag our feet even in the direction of what we want is due to misalignments within ourselves.

Imagine part of you wants to NOT be productive in a certain thing at the expense of other things that want you to get on with something. These parts are in an internal, subconscious fight for supremacy.

Til we get all of you going in the same direction, all of you on the same page wanting the same thing for similar reasons, you’re going to wind up moving with a heavy weight tied to you, an anvil, like Wile E Coyote versus the jet engine that Road Runner has powering him.

Most people go through life with both a jet engine and an anvil strapped to their backs.

It’s the difference of the drag of the anvil or the thrust of the jet engine that determines how far you get in life.

And the problem is most people are so focused on putting more thrust in the engine, rather than cutting the drag caused by the dead weight of the anvil. And just like in the picture above, WIle E Coyote can never match RoadRunner’s natural thrust, no matter what he tries.

The first thing we have to do, no matter what it is we want in life. Whether its being more successful at work or having better relationships, or improving health and fitness or whatever it is; no matter what it is, the first thing we have to do is cut the ties that bind the anvil to us.

We have to remove all the anchors that tie us to that dead weight, remove them from our systems, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

We must release all the things that say we can’t have what we want, that we shouldn’t have it for whatever BS reason we’ve absorbed, that we don’t deserve it. That we aren’t enough to have it.

First, You are enough. You’ve done enough, you have enough. You always were, are and will be enough.

Enough said!

We have all these subconscious programmes running, the owner manual for being a human that we absorbed from the life we lived from 0-7 years old. Your manual has basically been installed by your parents. Look at your life and see how much of it is like theirs.

Whatever you think is the source of your discomfort; pain, disease, financial distress – it often isn’t. Its a symptom. Not the cause.

There are many differences between your subconscious and conscious minds. One I haven’t talked about much before is that your subconscious isn’t linear, your conscious mind is linear. Time is not a straight line for your subconscious. Everything happens now.

Which explains why your childhood has such a strong impact on your behaviour today. To you it seems like its ages ago, but to your subconscious, whatever happened to set up your user manual in the way it has been, is happening now.

When people seek me out to become clients, they’ll sit and tell me what’s going on with them, what’s wrong and where it came from and they are almost always mostly wrong.

If they were right, they wouldn’t need me.

If I had a £ for every time I’ve heard ‘But I’ve already cleared that,’ I’d be living in tax exile in Switzerland.

In fact, I’ve said it myself when something comes up, I’m like, ‘No, it’s not that, I’ve cleared that.’ As I’ve said before, there’s always more healing to be done. The good news is I now accept it and get on with healing work rather than resisting it. You can too.

The things that hold you back were not your fault. You were a child, it happened to you. There is no blame attached to you, but in your child mind, you attached exactly that meaning to it, that it was all your fault.

It wasn’t your fault and you have to connect with the part of you frozen at that age and heal the child, nurture the child, grow the child and encourage that little one to allow you to take control of the direction you move in as a whole, integrated adult in the outside world.

This is your responsibility. To yourself and to the world. Heal yourself.

Do the required healing work on your the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state.

When you have an experience, the memory of that experience is stored in your mental body, and it generates emotional energy because as far as your subconscious is concerned, that experience isn’t over. It’s still happening.

And over time, your body accumulates more and more experiences that it layers over the first. Think of it like the bed in the Princess and the Pea story. So many layers over the first that you think you wouldn’t feel it, wouldn’t notice it and yet…it impacts you still.

When your conscious mind thinks about what’s making you feel ‘off’, it simply goes to the top one or two events, maybe a deeper one because you’ve read psychology, and you know it and feel that its more than what’s just happened to you but it never goes back to the original.

That’s lost under the weight of time.

But not in the subconscious, in the subconscious its happening right now.

And because you don’t dig deep enough, maybe your therapist doesn’t help you go the dark places within, those awful feelings of powerlessness and helplessness that the child felt facing circumstances so much bigger than they could handle return and overwhelm you as an adult.

And nobody likes feeling like we can’t change our circumstances. But we’ve learned helplessness and we get stuck.

This is the work I do. Helping people get unstuck.

Because I was stuck for years, too many years.

And before I realised I was stuck, I was lost in pretending to be someone else, fitting in but never belonging because I wasn’t myself.

Helplessness is the feeling that we cannot change the things happening to us.

And in some way that’s true.

But what we can do is change the meaning we give to the things happening to us.

And that changes everything.

Even more. you can go back to those childhood memories and change the meaning and stories we’ve attached to them.

And that’s how you cut your ties to the anvil on your back.

By changing the meaning you give to the events that have happened and that are happening today.

Because you have that power. The power to change how you think.

And when you change your thinking, you change your life.

And when you expect everything to always work out the best for you, when you expect to always come out on top no matter what, your brain looks for ways to make that happen.

Your brain gives you what you want. Look for great things to happen for you and you’ll see that around you.

Its a better way to live than always expecting the sky to fall in.


Cynthia xx

PS. Below you’ll learn more about how I can support you in your healing journey.

Think what would life be like if your thought processes were upgraded so you became unstoppable. What would life be like if you were able to step up and show up as that best ever version of you that you know you’re capable of?

Picture yourself thriving in life, developing an instinct for making the right choices, knowing in your gut you’re always choosing the correct thing for you.

Imagine any addictions, old anxiety and fear melting away, no longer influencing your thinking, your behaviour, your decisions. You are free to make better choices.

Think how it would feel achieving your goals with far less resistance,  whether it’s earning an extraordinary income, being a rockstar in your business or career, or excelling in your personal relationships. You can do it, you have no fears about any of it anymore.

See yourself fully present and grounded, living with total fulfillment and satisfaction with how life is unfolding for you, with zero regrets, as you fearlessly carve your own path forward.

Want this now? Check out this page and get in touch to get started on living your ideal life today. Or simply take the product tour to find out more.




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