After all, my clients don’t need to be on a diet to lose weight. Changing their lifestyle and in some cases, medical healing produces lasting long term results, which dieting and exercise usually do not. It really isn’t about trying to find the right diet, instead what happens in Clinical Hypnosis is that we are actually changing how you think about food, so excess weight is released without feelings of deprivation or loss of control or forcing of will power. It really is the simplest and most effective method of getting and staying slim.

weight loss hypnosis certificationNo matter what diets you have studied or what food protocols you believe in, you need to find something that really works for you, not just while you’re on the diet but forever.

So what does that for you? What does a clinical hypnotist do for you that is different? Hypnotists change the mind, behavior and preferences, not by teaching a diet or prescribing an exercise regime, but by operating at a higher level of your mind.

This higher-level work ensures your subconscious mind will intuitively make the changes required in your behaviour for success.

My clients are smart. They know what will work for them. But even knowing it, they often act counter to that knowledge, sabotaging themselves and their desire to be slim.

It doesn’t help that there are far too many advertising messages, family traditions, medical and other issues that cloud the action taking process and lead to poor eating behaviours. My clients get my help to believe in themselves, to believe that this time they can and will drop all the excess weight and keep it off and together we create the commitment to changing how they think, how they behave and how they eat.

No matter what diet you have faith in, we know certain things are absolutely true:

  • We know eating too many biscuits won’t help a person lose weight.
  • We know that some foods have better calories than other foods (nutrient density). think apple vs digestive.
  • We know that a calorie is an absolute measure, not the subject of debate or opinion, and that 3500 calories = about 1 pound.
  • We know that eating and especially over-eating is a subconscious action

There are also some absolute truths about hypnosis. Hypnosis changes physiology. We know that hypnosis can create awareness and we know that hypnosis can break neurological association between emotion, behavior and cognition.

The approach I use in  my weight release hypnosis process comes from listening to the client’s subconscious mind. In the clear reality of their subconscious mind, my clients reveal the best path for their success.
And a clinical hypnotist knows how to reframe hunger pangs, and how to use techniques based in mindfulness, trauma resolution and behavioral modification to encourage clients to change and to stay committed to that change..

Clinical Hypnosis is not a one-size fits all approach, but rather a comprehensive approach that is holistic and encompassing. That only comes from taking a comprehensive training that covers more than just dieting and exercise, but also the many tools available to us as professional hypnotists.

Call or email today to discover a comprehensive approach that is suited to your individual needs rather than a one-size-fits all diet protocol that rarely works.