Don’t get stuck in that rut, climb out – its easy

We all do it. The same day over and over. The same way of thinking and behaving. Its not our fault. Its evolutionary programming to keep us safe. But it doesn’t work in the modern world when you want to change, drop old habits that are holding you back and become someone different with a new identity, new habits and behaviours.

But don’t stay stuck in that rut. Climb out.

Step by step.

Be bold and think differently.

Don’t stay in the problem, move into the solution.

When you focus on the problem, that’s all you’ll see – more problems.

Move into the solution.

How? Well, every problem has its solution. Be in the solution. Trust that its there.

That might sound a bit cryptic or like a riddle so let me break it down.

If there’s a problem, that automatically means there’s a solution.

What would that look like? What is the ideal end result?

That’s the solution. start thinking from there.

For instance, I’m moving to my hometown in the next few weeks. I still don’t have a house yet, and I could panic about that. One of my friend’s went to view a property for me and it wasn’t great and she sent me a video of her walkthrough and I agreed.

But my fear mind was screaming, ‘take it, take it!’

Because our programmed brain is all about certainty, knowing that every day is going to be more or less the same as the one before. The idea of moving without knowing where I’m going has it in full freakout.

But I know the Universe works in ways we can’t see until its ready. So I trust.

Is it easy? F*ck no, its not. But I keep bringing myself back to my ideal end result, the solution to my problem, which is that I live in a beautiful home in a beautiful place.

You see, we predict what’s going to happen based on our mindset, our programming and our past.

What are you predicting will happen? What are you feeling in your body about what will happen?

Life is a self fulfilling prophecy.

When you have a feeling that life is going to go a certain way, then that’s the way it goes.

Change your intention, your point of focus. Don’t be in the problem, be in the solution. That’s how you climb out of your rut.

When you change how you think, you change your life.

When you have your focused on life going in a certain way, the chances are good that that’s how things will happen.

Have an intention point that always moves you to the solution, your ideal end result. Have that intention for everyone in your life and watch what happens.

Trust yourself. Trust your desires. Trust the good things you see inside of your heart and mind.

You can make miracles happen. All you have to do is create it by changing your thinking.



PS. I’m reworking everything I do to create a monthly group program where people come together once a week to grow, share, learn, laugh, cry, support and be supported. I have no idea what its going to look like yet but I do know that my 1:1 work will reduce and become much more expensive.

So if you want to get in before the prices lep up, do so now. Because come the end of March, I’ll be launching my as yet unnamed group program and putting 1:1 work on the back burner. I truly think I can serve more people better in this way.

I love my 1:1 work and am gladly accepting client registration right now -but only if you’re the right fit.  If you’re ready to invest in yourself and move forward faster, gaining greater insight and self knowledge that you ever had before,get in touch. To see if that’s you, listen to the audio on this page and take the next step. Can’t wait to hear from you.

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