Your excess weight is keeping you from more than just a smaller size in clothes.

Have You Given Up On Gaining Your Ideal Body?

Have you resigned yourself to living with a body you don’t love? Do you think nothing you ever do to lose weight will ever make a difference?

There’s one more thing I’d like you to try:

And its not another diet or exercise plan. It’s not counting calories. And it’s not a new shopping list of foods you can and can’t eat.

Instead, give yourself a break from all the self hatred and beating yourself up. Because a big part of dropping excess weight comes when you accept yourself and learn to truly love yourself – just as you are. When you do this, your body often has a magical way of becoming what you’ve wanted it to be:

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, you have a problem – and it’s likely not the problem you think you have.

My guess is that you’ve tried all sorts of approaches to losing weight:

You’ve cut calories. You’ve joined the gym. You’ve hired personal trainers. You’ve kept logs about what you eat and how much. You’ve tried to keep stress levels down.

Or maybe you’ve just given up hope and blame your genes. Being overweight seems to run in the family.

But what if you’ve been missing a key piece? What if there is one area you’ve overlooked that will finally help you get it right – so that your weight struggle becomes a thing of the past?

While some people do get compromised in the genetics lottery, this is only one piece of the weight-loss puzzle. Your psychological, emotional, and spiritual state play a major role and have the power to shift everything for you

I want to offer you a new possibility – and a new path to weight loss that goes against everything you’ve ever heard of or tried before.

I’m going to ask you two questions that may, on the surface, seem to have nothing to do with your weight:

  1. Do you have a hard time saying “no?”
  2. Do you rarely get angry?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, get very excited. Because you’ve just found the key to having a body you love. Your answers to these questions hold a very important clue to your weight-loss breakthrough.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many people who have body issues. They’ve been right where you are – fighting against this internal unseen monster that makes them reach for yet another cookie. These men and women looked at themselves in the mirror with disgust, and they hated themselves for not being able to change their bodies.

And then I’ve asked them the two questions above. Their answers have led to their ultimate transformation, and it could be yours.

If you find it almost impossible to say no to people, your extra weight could be protecting you from truly being seen. And if you can’t remember the last time you got angry, it’s very possible that your weight is acting like a buffer for unexpressed anger. Let me explain.

Body Secret #1: Your Weight As Protection

Did you somehow feel unworthy or unimportant in your childhood?

Perhaps you experienced a competitive dynamic where you couldn’t outshine your sibling or take away attention from a troubled parent. Or maybe you endured some kind of abuse or bullying.

If so, you may have grown up to feel that you couldn’t speak your truth or be who you really are. You may find it hard to say no to people, because saying what you really want feels unsafe. You end up going along with what other people want and never really living the life you want. You become resigned to disappointment and playing small.

But this is a painful way to live. To cope, some people turn to overeating. You eat to cover up the true you from being seen. The weight acts like layers of protection. Others don’t have to look at the truly vulnerable parts of you if they’re hidden under fat.

Over time, you may become so disconnected from your truth that you don’t even know what you want. These feelings of confusion and emptiness lead to even more overeating.

On the surface it looks simply like a weight problem, but the truth is that you are silencing your inner truth. And as long as you avoid coming into and expressing your truth, you will stay stuck.

Body Secret #2: Your Weight As A Buffer

Your extra weight could also be hiding unexplored and unexpressed anger.

Women, especially have been historically chastised for standing up for themselves, especially in communities where doing so is seen as an act of defiance against patriarchy. And men have been mocked and belittled for showing their emotions, again behaviours the patriarchy abhors.Many people don’t know how to recognize their body signals for core feelings and to distinguish feelings – especially anger and fear – from hunger.

If you view anger as wrong, you’ve probably lost touch with what anger even feels like in your body. And so instead of tending to the actual emotion, you’ll “handle” it by eating a carton of ice cream. Of course, this generates even more negative feelings within you, and since you haven’t learned how to address core emotions, you’ll eat even more.

It’s a vicious cycle, and it’s entirely self-created. This is very good news, because if you created it, you can reverse it and create something entirely new instead.

Getting To The Bottom Of Your Hunger – For Good

Learning to say no easily and confidently allows you to stand in your true power rather than shrinking, and to be proactive rather than passive and/or defensive.

We each have what’s called a kinesphere around us – not just the space inside our skin, but also the space around us that we use when, for example, hailing a cab down the street or running into the ocean arms and legs akimbo and free.

Many people – women especially – who have weight issues, shrink in toward their core in interactions rather than breathing into and enjoying the great range of movement and interaction possibilities that we can each generate. It’s about being expansive in a whole new way – you fill your space with your spirit rather than your weight!

I really want to encourage you to use my weight release hypnosis programme. It’s like no other – there are no calories to count, excruciating exercises to do, or rigid meal plans to implement. Instead, you will be guided to lose weight through tapping into the true emotional, psychological, and spiritual source of your overeating.

You’ll emerge with not just a new body, but a clear inner voice that will guide you for life. You’ll be able to confidently stand up for what you want, who you are, and what you need. You’ll learn to identify emotions like fear and sadness so that you don’t mistake them for hunger.

Once you learn how to address those emotions effectively and lovingly, you’ll discover a whole new way of eating that is much more pleasurable and that leads to permanent weight loss:

There is no need to keep hiding anymore. You deserve a body and a life that you love – and to express yourself fully, every day.

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