Freebie for you if you find meditation difficult, or even if you don’t!

15 Minute Rescue & Renew Soundtrack | Self Growth

We all have bad days from time to time. But they don’t have to stay bad!

“15 Minute Rescue & Renew” will help you:

  • Collect your emotions
  • Reset your entire day
  • Set a new pattern…

…for handling stressful situations in the future.

Now you can totally reset your day in 15 minutes or less!

15 Minute Rescue & Renew uses powerful Holosync technology (embedded beneath a soothing musical track with gentle ocean sounds) to alter brainwave states, bringing your brain down to…

…a calm and tranquil “theta” state (feelings of deep relaxation and contentment).

15 Minute Rescue & Renew Soundtrack | Self Growth


  • I have everything I need

  • My brain naturally calms me down

  • I release all worry

  • I release all fear

  • I am peaceful and calm

  • I am loved just as I am

  • I am complete just as I am

  • I am safe

  • I am loved

  • All is well in my life

  • All is well within me

  • I am flexible

  • I am strong

  • I am resilient

  • I am calm

  • I let everything be OK

  • I support my health and wellbeing in all that I do and say

  • I effectively utilize my tools

  • My awareness is always growing

  • I am proactive and effective

  • I am right where I want to be

  • Everything is okay

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