Gingerbread House or Tropical Beach and Treetop Villa?

I’m sure I’ve talked about my Dreamscape experiences before. This is an amazing tool to learn more about your deeper self, enhance your awareness of what drives you, and release things you didn’t even know you were holding on to. Taking a Dreamscape journey gives you an amazing sense of release and incredible understanding of your personal perception of your reality. You can learn more about it here.

The Dreamscape is one of my favourite hypnotic tools and one I love to experience myself. You never know where your subconscious will take you, no-one has the same journey as anyone else and you never experience the same journey twice. I am awestruck by how inventive our subconscious is, the wildly imaginative journeys I have been witness to with my clients and the wonderful ones I have undertaken in my own mind.

My last experience of the Dreamscape was a couple of days ago and at first I was frustrated with it because for some reason I was being shown two different destination, both of which initially looked desirable.

There was the fabulous fairytale gingerbread cottage set in a gorgeous woodland clearing and the tropical sandy beach with a tree house beckoning me to go above.

As I struggled with which to choose: the delicious cottage made from gingerbread, cake, chocolate and sweets or the hot, sandy beach with the wind swishing through the tops of the palms above my head, I realised this was exactly what my subconscious wanted me to be aware of. These two destinations the possible outcomes of  all the choices I made through my day, and life.

I decided to explore the gingerbread cottage first and I very quickly realised it wasn’t as benign and idyllic as it first seemed. It looked so enticing, so delicious but as I walked into the clearing in the woods I heard no birds singing, there were no bunnies playing, no foxes slinking through the shadows.

As I got closer to the cottage I became aware of the illusion of that pretty, delicious thing hiding darkness, rot and decay. there was a malevolent sense of something waiting for me to get closer so I wouldn’t be able to escape. I remember well what happened to Hansel and Gretel in the Grimms tale.

I didn’t need to get any closer than I already was, I’d seen enough and I said no, that’s not what I want and I switched to the beach and treetop house.

The sand was white, the sea that gorgeous turquoise of the tropics, the sun high in the sky beaming down. I sunk ankle deep into that fine white sand as I looked up into the tree tops and saw wooden walkways from tree to tree and tiny little huts built high around the crown of the trees.

I climbed up the wooden ladder and walked across one of the walkways to my room. It was small, austere and yet it had everything I needed. A beautiful bed for me to sleep in, a place to meditate, space for me to do yoga and a balcony for me to write. As I stood at the balcony, looking out to sea I felt such incredible peace and wellbeing, this place was for my healthy identity, the one that made choices like green juice over toast for breakfast, an apple over chocolate, yoga over watching tv slumped on the sofa.

These two places were the embodiment of my choices. Choices I make every day. And I knew which one I wanted to live into.

Now, when faced with the easy, lazy less disciplined choice, I think of the gingerbread house vs the beach /treetop house and I am able to say no. I want to make a different decision from what I used to.

This choice is much more meaningful to me, and much more persuasive in getting me to say no to eating chocolate or being lazy. Because this is about my whole life not just that moment, and its about much more than simply wanting to lose weight to look good in my clothes.

I am able to say yes to writing, training, putting more effort into my work where I might once have said no to that, and made an excuse like I’m sick or tired or its a bank holiday and distracted myself with television or lost my mind online.

Everything is now a gingerbread house choice or a beach and tree top house choice. Its a total lifestyle decision. Every decision matters because as you choose  easy and lazy over discipline, it gets harder and harder to choose that which takes effort and self denial. Equally, the more you choose the hard things, the more you lean into a disciplined life, the more you build the muscle and habits that encourage you to keep going, especially as you start to see rewards. And we always get to decide which lifestyle we want to live into.

I came out of the Dreamscape with a new awareness of how everything I do impacts the end results of my life. Do I want to achieve my dreams, goals, ambitions and vision? Or do I want to just daydream about the possibilities of having what I want and living with constant frustration as I take no action to make any of it real?

Of course, I’m not saying there isn’t a time and place for rest, relaxation and indulgence. Of course there is always room for that, but I have to earn it first – not give into my desires all the time.

As I’ve said before, if you only do the easy thing all the time, life becomes hard. Do the hard things and life might not get easier but you will get better at dealing with it.

Self discipline is the first step in realising your dreams. Build that muscle, it will help keep you on the right track when things get tough.

And if you’d like to experience your own  Dreamscape, I am currently selling packages of 3 sessions @ £750. I usually never work with a client for less than 3 sessions, but I recognise you may want to try before you make that bigger investment in yourself.

As you can see above, research has found that hypnotherapy is effective after 6 sessions, which is why I do not like clients to book less. I recommend 12 sessions as the optimal amount for you to walk away from our work together,  not only an outward issue healed (or even two or three), but as a person whose internal programming has been thoroughly rewired, optimized and upgraded for you to step up into the best version of yourself.

You might want to “test out” a few sessions before you commit to the full 12 that’s why there are package options for you with 3 and 6 sessions. However, your greatest savings (and your greatest transformation) will come from our most economically priced package of 12 sessions.

Whether you book a session or three or twelve or not. Start to be aware of the long term results of the choices you make through the day. Is what you are doing, what you are choosing taking you closer to realising your goals and dreams or further away?



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