Hypnotherapy: Is it for you?

Hypnotherapy is for anyone who wants to discover and overcome their limiting beliefs, and stop self-sabotaging in all areas of their lives.

Its for anyone who hasn’t yet been able to successfully access, heal, or upgrade a specific area of their life—and suspects the underlying issue is subconscious.

  • Accessing the subconscious allows the brain to open up to suggestion—which may allow you to more easily work through a bad habit, curb self-sabotaging behavior, or address a mental health challenge by creating new neurological connections

  • Address the 3 major drivers for limiting beliefs—lack of self-love, lack of self-worth, and lack of self-confidence—and why you may harbor one or more of these in the first place

  • Understand and overcome their limiting beliefs

  • Learn to use “reframing” techniques and help yourself quit bad habits and overcome limiting beliefs.

“Human beings move away from pain. At some level that’s adaptive, but we treat psychological pain [like physical pain] so we spend all our waking hours dodging [it]. Then there’s no time left to align with our core philosophy and values…accept the pain, it doesn’t define you…then look at your life as the damn triumph that it is.”

Dr. Ramani Durvasula

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