If I were in charge, I’d definitely do this…

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were in charge of things? All the things!

Imagine having all of that power. What would you do with it?

Imagine yourself as World King or Queen, just like our Boris once did.

Would you use your power for good or evil and how would you truly know which is which.

I’ve read a couple of stories recently that had me frothing at the mouth in outrage, just like good old Piers Morgan. The awfulness! The indignity! The outrageousness!

The first story was about a gentleman called Antonio Parente, who is an apparently self confessed gambling addict. And he had been encouraged to gamble by a Mr and Mrs Carroll who were being paid by PaddyPower to introduce VIPs. Mr Carroll had previously worked for Ladbrokes filling out the same function.

What’s worse was PaddyPower gave Mr Parente £20,000 to encourage him to gamble and within 13months, he had bet more than £347,000.

That’s astounding in and of itself.

But even more outrageous, yes, I channeling Piers really hard now, is that this VIP introducer’s thing is a practice that goes on throughout the gambling industry. For good reason.

For instance, Ladbrokes takes in 38% of its betting deposits from only 1% of their customers.

Of course, not all of the people in the 1% have a gambling addiction, but it’s fairly clear they all have a gambling problem, it’s simply that some are better able to afford their problem.

So, if I was in charge I would stop all gambling. Shut it all down, especially the online gambling where its so easy to lose your rent or mortgage payments and build up credit card debt.

When the fun stops, stop.

The gambling industry’s slogan for addiction awareness is a tad self conscious isn’t it. They know there’s a huge gambling problem but that problem feeds their profits so they’d like you to spend your money with them, but you know, just until…When?

The bailiffs come round? You can’t afford to buy food for your family? You’re selling your body to buy milk and place a few bets on the side?

When does the fun stop?

Hmm, there is no fun to be had when you’re desperately trying to find something that will chase away the pain of your life.

The fun never starts.

But, some people can gamble and not fall foul of the thrill seeking rush of the coin toss. All they want and get great fun from is the occasional bet on the horses, the Grand National or The Derby. Or a weekly flutter on the football scores.


Or whatever, cards, roulette, dung beetle racing.

And there are jobs, potentially thousands of jobs in bookies up and down the land because gambling is widespread so as World Queen I shouldn’t just shut it down, should I?

Just like with alcohol, we have to allow people to make their own choices and there’s a lot of money to be made in these industries that fuel the self destructive impulses in a few people whilst providing…fun – yes, that word – for a majority without issue.

But what needs to be done to make it safe for people like Antonio Parente? And the thousands like him, who gamble til it hurts and hurts and hurts, never mind stops being fun.

I don’t know. That’s not my job, thank god. There’s actually a House Committee for gambling and I hope they can make a difference because this is an industry that makes obscene amounts of money, especially online. And they should be held accountable when they do things like encourage gambling addicts to blow almost £350,000, that may not all have been his, on something that doesn’t exist. The surefire winner. The thrill of the possibility.

My job is helping people like Mr Parente.

I decided, upon reflection that I wouldn’t like to be World Queen.

I’d be too authoritarian in some instances and probably too soft in others. Like opening prisons and working on rehabilitation and education and all that social stuff our current government and its right wing press hates.

So no, I can’t be World Queen, even if the position was there for me to fill.

Instead, I’ll focus on guiding people home to themselves. Because that’s what I love and that’s what I’m good at.

Mr Parente, if you’re reading this, get in touch. My Change Your Mind course will be significantly less costly than a trip to your bookies and you’ll feel amazingly good and free of the need to bet in short order.


Cynthia xx

PS. Below you’ll learn more about how I can support you in your healing journey.

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Think how it would feel achieving your goals with far less resistance, knowing you can melt resistance with the power and focus of your attention. You can do it, you have no fears about any of it anymore.

See yourself fully present and grounded, living with fulfillment and satisfaction with how life is unfolding for you, with zero regrets, able to handle anything that comes up as you fearlessly carve your own path forward.

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