Life Skills – Poem by Jeffrey Kastner

It’s very distracting trying to live my life
all the negitive energy can make you blind
warning signs everywhere, caught in this moment in time
something has to be done, it’s time I speak my mind

It can be a vicious circle full of short term gain
sorting out the pros and cons of our every day
choices can be complex and emotionally charged
simplistic short term solutions will always fall short

It’s a vicious circle going around and around
feelings of being trapped with no way out

I’m hungry, though I’ve had enough to eat
I’m angry, there is nothing bothering me
I’m lonely, there are people all around me
I’m tired, even though I’ve had enough sleep

Be aware of moods and their change
try to maintain a mood in the middle range
at zero I’m depressed at 100 mph I’m enraged
the power to change my life, skills that make me wise

When you come to realize and it feels like there’s nothing left
it makes you want to run, till you run out of breath
Sometimes we go to far till things have come undone
learning to process feeling and make wise decisions

It can be a vicious circle, look at the long term gain
take the good from the bad, make the best of every day
choices can be complex, sometimes you may not have to try to hard,
simplistic short term solutions will always fall short

Holding onto this vicious circle as the world spins around
I’m standing in the middle with my feet on the ground

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