Life starts now! Ready to press play?

I’ve just finished refreshing my training in Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy (RPET) and I took additional training in Freedom from Substance and Process Addiction (FREESPA) and you know what? After 7 days of being immersed in this work, of not only reviewing the material but experiencing it, delivering it and watching other people’s reaction to it, I’m all in.

If you want to improve your life; if you want to release any kind of pain, mental, emotional, spiritual; if you want to let of the things you used to help you forget, things which are now hurting even more than that original pain; then this work is for you.

But even more than how effective this work is, more than that, what I realised after maybe 5 or 6 immersions in this technique is that the more you do it, the deeper you go to clean up, to clear out, to heal. To actually bring forward the version of you that you’ve always wanted to be, always known to be your true self but you’ve kept locked up in the basement of your soul.

And that has made me re-assess my approach to this work and my practice. I’ve been selling to my clients on a session by session basis because I was scared to ask for more, scared that I wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t worth it. And you know what, by doing so, by playing small, I did those clients a huge disservice because they had some relief from their pain after one or two sessions and chose to leave it there.

They never got to experience the fully transformative, healing power of this inner work.

They never got to experience the lightening, the brightening, the amazing fucking release of every bullshit thing that has been holding them down for years, like I did this week.

YES! A release of all those old stories I told myself to justify playing small, an eradication of all those old beliefs that gave me permission to hide from life, to not step up and shout, ‘Here I am, Look what I can do.’ Just to be myself, totally, in all my weird, wacky, too loud, too quiet, too intense, too emotional and sensitive way. Be me!

You ready for that? Of course not, Its scary AF until you clear out all the shit that’s stopping you from playing all out. Til you get rid of all the stuff that’s holding you back and pushing you down. All the things that get in the way of you loving and trusting yourself,

With total humility and all of my heart, I say to you now; if you want change in your life then it will cost you. You must commit to 4 sessions and pay for them up front. No refunds and only one cancellation/rescheduling of appointment allowed.

Do this and I promise you, you will release yourself from the cage of thoughts, feelings, habits, beliefs and behaviours that are stopping you from loving yourself wholeheartedly and living life as the best version of yourself.

This is your life and the one one you’ve got, that we can be certain of. What are you waiting for?

No-one is coming to rescue you, you’re going to have to dig your own damn tunnel, break down the doors that are keeping that hidden part of you prisoner.

Set yourself free because you are most definitely worth it. And get to live all out. No-one needs to give you permission, except you. Now are you ready to press play?

One thought on “Life starts now! Ready to press play?

  1. Nancy says:

    One word: Amazing! Pain gone? Yes! It’s gone from a high of something I could ‘barely tolerate’ to ‘barely even there’ and getting better each and every day! Simply amazing, Cynthia! You are a rare find.

    I wanted to wait until I’d had multiple sessions with Cynthia to report the truth of what I experienced. Cynthia’s multifaceted program has created genuine and remarkable results within my body… she possesses such sensitivity to your energies with a deep understanding, but even more important I’d say are her ‘listening’ skills. Many times with healers, I’ve gotten a temporary relief, but always, the pain returned.

    Thank you, Cynthia for our journey together and for showing me how to continue to heal myself if ever needed.

    I endorse this amazing healer wholeheartedly!

    Nancy Brady, RN

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