Loving Yourself Comes First

How to Change your Whole Life Without Changing Anything Except How you Think about You.

Radical thought, right? Especially if you are a woman. And a parent. And in a relationship. And have a job or work that needs your attention.

Unhappy with how life is turning out for you, unhappy with how you look, feel and behave? Then I have something that may turn that all around.

A brand new breakthrough programme for you to finally release the critical voices in your head that have held you back, and step into that version of you that you hold deep in your heart.

What you’re going to learn in Loving Yourself Comes First will change everything.

  • How do look in the mirror and say I love you without cringing and mean it
  • Know why you are drawn to the famous people you like and what this means about who you really are and what you’ve been holding back from yourself
  • Learn a magical Hawaiian technique that transforms your deepest fears.
  • How to reduce cortisol and adrenaline, the toxic two stress hormones in moments so you can think clearly to solve any problem you’re facing
  • Heart Math : what is it and how it helps you love yourself and all the people around you more than you ever thought possible
  • Hypnotic guided meditations created just for this course that will reduce stress, increase feel good hormones and help you overcome barriers to self love, self compassion and self healing
  • How to exist in a state of grace no matter what happens around you
  • Setting unshakable boundaries so you are free to love and share without fear of being taken for granted
  • Surviving the shame storm – how to love yourself even when you’ve momumentally cocked up
  • How self discipline means you can love yourself even more
  • How to release the habits that no longer serve you and move into creating behaviour patterns that support your best you
  • Self Forgiveness – making it easy
  • Knowing how to let go of things that have run their course with grace and love
  • Using Self Love as your inner compass to creating a life that fulfills and sustains you
  • Emergency Self Love interventions – emergency protocols for tough times

Join Now before Registration Closes.

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All this and more for only £67


Cynthia x

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