Self Care : More than a bath, its prayer

Its become a bit fashionable to knock self care. The kind of self care that means self indulgence; taking a luxurious bath, sitting by the fire with a blanket over your knees, a good book in your hands and a cup of delicious chai tea beside you; pampering in a hair or beauty salon.

And I’ve been guilty of knocking it myself. ‘Its not deep work,’ ‘superficial and ultimately pointless’ and so on.

I’m here to say that I was wrong. Doesn’t happen often, but when it does I own up to it!

Self care involves everything from therapy to a foot massage and anything in between those that makes you feel good. And it should all be done with a feeling of deserving it. Of being worthy of the time and money you’re spending on yourself.

Switching of that inner nagging voice that tells you that you should be doing something else, something more productive, less selfish. And if that voice keeps going, it spoils the whole bloody experience, doesn’t it?

How wonderful to feel safe in your own company. Imagine that. No nagging voice, no beating yourself up, no judging and finding yourself lacking.

How do you find and feel the joy simply because today offers you the opportunity for you to express who you are? Feel into that, the bubble of satisfaction that grows inside just because you were you, unfiltered, unrepentant, uncensored. Totally, uniquely you, all of you, nothing held back.

Being human – being you – requires commitment. Making a choice to maintain yourself, to follow through on radical self care, to shower kindness and generosity on one’s own self.

Loving Yourself Comes First, my new self love course closes on Friday. People are signing up, only 12 spaces available. Pm for details, you don’t want to miss this.

Stay in connection with yourself, loving yourself first is the way to do that.

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