The Foundation of Healthy Thought – Ta Dah! Its RWID!!!

I wanted to do a deep dive into thinking to help overcome life’s problems and create healthy patterns of thought and behaviour that bring to us the life we crave for my email subscribers. It took a week to go though the RWID model in detail but it was well worth.

So much so, that I decided to share it all here in one great big fabulous report!

Aren’t you lucky!

I truly, truly, truly believe that if you can master the RWID principle, you’ll change your life. Thoughts become things after all, so think about what your thinking about and learn to think about what you want.

Ready to learn how?

Let’s dive straight in.

RWID: Relative Weight of Intensity and Duration

I promised you I would break down RWID so you could fully understand the importance of mastering this force in your own life. And we’re going to start with Intensity.

The dictionary definition of intensity is:

1the quality or state of being intense especially extreme degree of strength, force, energy, or feeling
2the magnitude of a quantity (such as force or energy) per unit (as of area, charge, mass, or time)

Both definitions work when considering the impact of certain thoughts over others.

I want you to think about something overwhelming that happened recently, whether a personal or public event and consider the depth of your feelings. The magnitude of what you were feeling, the degree of strength, force or energy of that feeling.

Now contrast it with the thought of having a cup of tea.

Huge difference in intensity, right?

And we are programmed to experience more negative emotions than positive and the intensity often feels magnified in the event of loss, no matter what the loss is. It could be a relationship, a job, a loved one. We feel it more.

That’s intensity.

And we can get intensity working in our favour, working for us.

Think about your RWID mantra, and if you haven’t already got one. Sit for a few moments and think of five words that hold huge positive depth of meaning for you. Make the meaning as personal as you can. And make sure every word has an intensity as deep as it can be.

When your RWID manta words have the same depth or even greater than the losses, pain and hurt you carry with you, you start tipping the balance of your thoughts in your favour.

You move your mind’s focus away from the painful thinking that has kept you stuck to positive, joyful, happier thoughts that enable you to live life on your terms.

Intensity: Use it. Be deliberate in your choice of what you’re thinking about, and magnify the strength of your thinking to deliver the life you want to lead.

Thought Whispering 101: Master RWID. You’ve just completed step one.

Above, we talked about intensity and just what it is and how you can use it to help you feel better and make the changes you want in your life.

Today, we’re going to talk about the second part of the two-pronged principle of RWID. The Relative Weight of Intensity and Duration.

Duration, let’s start with what it means.

Definition of duration

1continuance in time ‘gradually increase the duration of your workout’
2the time during which something exists or lasts ‘we were there for the duration of the concert’

We’ll take the first definition to begin with because the idea of gradually increasing the duration of your workout is a perfect instruction for your use of the RWID principle.

The length of time you spend thinking a particular thought or thinking on a specific theme is as critical as the intensity of the same thoughts.

We are going to have on average 10,000 thoughts a day, some will be fleeting, like recognising the itch in your big toe, or deciding you like that new brand of tea you bought.

Others will be thought over and over again, like how you’re annoyed by your next door neighbour’s cat coming in and digging up your new plants and sh!tting in your border.

Or wondering about that task at work that you didn’t give your best to and what your boss thinks and what they’ll say when you go in and what you’ll say in response and how you’ll fix things and… on and on.

Duration – the longer we spend on a thought the bigger the response in our body and in our minds. If that thought causes stress, then we shut down our ability to think and even switch off our immune system.

If that thought causes us to feel good, then we switch on our parasympathetic nervous system, our rest and digest system, we have clarity in our minds and joy in our body and heart.

The longer we think a thought, the more likely we are to take action in sync with that thought.

This is why it’s important to take back control of your thinking, direct your thoughts to that which serves you, think thoughts that make you feel good,

You can do this. And like physical training, you can increase the duration of your beneficial thinking.

Your life changes when your thinking changes. It can change for the better or not. That is up to you.

RWID – like gravity, its always working, now you can use it for you!

We’re almost finished on the deep exploration of RWID. 

Why? you ask, what does it matter?

Discovering how you think what you’re thinking about is invaluable to changing your thinking to deliver the changes you want in life.

Let me say that again because I am inordinately proud of that phrase right there; How you think what you’re thinking about.

That’s it right there, the secret to bringing your dreams to life! How you think what you’re thinking about!

You’ve received the details on intensity and duration, now, lets look at the comparable principle of the equation; the R.W.

RW: Relative Weight.

What does relative weight mean?

Relative Weight Analysis calculates the comparable importance of independent variables when those independent variables are correlated to each other.

In this case we are conducting an analysis of the Relative Weight of Intensity and Duration of one thought  to another.

Previously,  we talked about how intensity of feeling generated by a thought impacts on our body and mind and how the duration of that thought, how long we think about creates stronger thought patterns that could lead to action inspired by that thinking.

The RWID of a suicidal thought is far greater than one of wondering what you’ll eat for breakfast.

And the RWID of falling in love is immensely greater than thinking about what you’re doing at work that day.

RWID is the guiding principle of thought whispering. When you guide yourself to thinking thoughts that carry the weight of your happy, joyful, desired state of being, you can equal and beat out thoughts that keep you unhappy, depressed and feeling stuck.

You naturally operate according to RWID, your heavily weighted thoughts get all your attention and create your mindset, are the basis of your behaviour and result in the life you’re living.

You can’t switch off gravity, and you can’t switch off RWID. What you can do is use it, train yourself to think in ways that master your tendency to run yourself down and instead think yourself up.

Relative Weight of Intensity and Duration.

Master this principle of thinking and you become the master and creator of your life.

You are learning how to think in a way that serves you, to manage your natural and learned proclivity to negativity and instead tip the scales in your favour.

RWID gives you the ability to counteract your natural and learned tendency to think aimlessly, and to think against your best interests.

How? Well you now know that you have to think with intensity to create life changing beliefs and behaviour. And you know you have to keep thinking those thoughts over and over again.

But, that’s hard to do in face of your habitual thinking patterns that take you down in a downward spiral. So just how do you counterbalance the normal way of thinking.

You use RWID tactically, like a sword and shield. You are fighting for your life here, the life you want to live so the weaponry image seems apt to me.

Here’s how you do it:
1. Think about all the wonderful, brilliant, loving things in your life that make you feel good and that are not dependent on anyone else. What do you love? Where do you find peace? What gets you excited? Contemplate everything wonderful and positive in your world that gives you an intense charge of emotion and make a list of it all.

2. Boil that down to the top five, certainly no less than three and no more than five. Get really clear on the importance of these life elements to you. and you don’t have to already have these things in your life, in can be experiences you want to happen, places you intend to visit. However, they must give you only good feelings, no sense of lack, no sense of negativity allowed.

3. Think of a word that encapsulates your highly intense, positively charged beautiful thing/state/place/whatever and the feeling it gives you. And hold an image of it and feel the feelings and anchor that. The image and the feelings and the word. Tie them together by thinking the word, picturing the image and feeling the feeling.

4. Make it feel good, great, even better.

5. Link your five words together in a mantra.

6. Repeat it every day, especially when you feel dragged into an old pattern of thinking. Keep repeating it, use it as a shield to have other thoughts you don’t want bounce off you, use it like a sword to cut through the daily sh!t that keeps coming at you..

7. Use it, repeat it, use it, repeat it. Upgrade to new words when necessary.

With RWID you are correcting your thinking, counteracting the old stuff you inherited from family and culture and as you keep using it you don’t just balance it out, you actually start cancelling out your old thinking and train yourself to think only of what you want and how to get that state into your reality.

What you think about, you bring about. Thoughts become things. As a man thinketh.

These cliches are as old as mankind and they hold a truth we don’t use to help ourselves. We are as we think. Think carefully.

Think yourself into your ideal state of being because you can, you just have to want to enough.

This is the most important thing I can ever teach you. Think about what you’re thinking about and start thinking about the life you want to live.

This is one of the most important tools you can ever master to harness the power of your thinking.

Why does it work?

Because repeatedly thinking the same thing over and over is hypnotic. It creates a repeat pattern in your brain, the neurons keep firing together, and that pathway gets bigger and stronger.

And when that happens and keeps being reinforced, you’ll change to match your dominant thinking.

And you’ll start looking at the world and your life and everything, including yourself differently.The day you start looking at things differently, your life changes.

Relative Weight of Intensity and Duration

Use it!

Cynthia xx

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