Being a Better Man! All the Time.

No Matter What!

Imagine living as the man you always dreamed you could be;

strong, protective, caring, passionate, successful.

  • A good father who sets an example of how to live well to his children.
  • A committed, loving husband or partner.
  • A super productive success at work.
  • A fun, adventurous, buddy with friends who enhance your life and downtime.
  • Fully grounded and at peace within yourself, challenging those self set limits and growing as you learn who you truly are and what you really are capable of when you set your mind to it.

Picture yourself living your best life.

Every day, all the time, no matter what life throws at you.

Fully experiencing being your best every damn day!

What does you ‘being a better man’ look like?

Is it winning against all odds?

Overcoming everything that you feel is stacked against you and you actually come out on top?

Being in control of your emotions, especially the anger that threatens to spill out when you’re stressed?

What part of ‘being a better man’ do you want most?

Is it work, relationships, family, success, health?

What does it look like to have everything you never even knew you wanted?

To be strong, kind, creative, the kind of person you always wanted to be experiencing love and life on your terms.

How far away are you from that life right now?

What are you struggling with most in creating a life that makes you proud, that makes you feel like you’re winning, that life is on your side?

Maybe that struggle is starting to make itself felt in other areas of your life?

Maybe slowly, almost imperceptibly, life is starting to collapse around you like a house of cards and you know you’re going to be left sitting in the rubble.

Can you see yourself, standing up, dusting yourself off, ready to start again?

Sure, you never let anything get you down for too long, right?

But, how are you going to make sure this time is different?

That this time, you’re going all the way to where you want to be?

‘I would not be here had you not guided and coached me along the way. Maybe for the first time ever I have felt happy with who I am and worthy of admiration and even love. I have shaken off the shackles of domineering parents and ill advised coping skills. I have stood on my feet and said to those I know that I am happy with the guy I am. I am not happy with whom I was but I am not going to be punished or punish myself any longer.
 The wisdom you have brought the tools you have taught me have become armoury to manage and cope with days when things are tough and better still to make good days better. I see and feel the strength inside me and champion women by my deed and thought each day. I champion children by my work. I champion others that need it by small things a smile, a few pounds. I offer love every day to even those that have hurt me. I have set boundaries with those that would draw me back. I like my own company and have been enjoying music.
Cognitive recall or just memory hahahah has improved as I have stepped out of the fight flight freeze responses.I battle the lure of pornography every day and I am winning.Alcohol and sugar are pleasures in life not needs to cope. Sex is unwanted unless it comes with love. I too feel the word you used “Wholesome” within me and know that anyone intimate partner or friend who gets to share in it will benefit as will I be able to of them,’ EF. Ireland.



There’s a simple reason that everything seems to go wrong at the same time.

Work related stress explodes into overwhelm and nothing you do seems to work out anymore, you just can’t seem to make the right decisions or worse, any decision.

And at home, it feels like it’s all falling apart too as everyone keeps making demands on your time, energy, efforts and you just can’t keep it together anymore.

And lashing out in frustration just makes you feel even worse.

A failure. Or so you think.

At home, at work, in life – where once you felt like a king, when everything you did just worked out.

What happened?

Where did it all go wrong?

And how TF can you bring it back?

The answer is you.

You happened, you were where it all went wrong and only you can bring it all back.

What do I mean?

Somewhere, somehow, one day you got stressed about something, a small thing, not a big deal really but you didn’t do anything about it and it just stayed in your mind, that little thing that didn’t go to plan, that you maybe messed up somehow, or allowed to happen when it shouldn’t have.

And that little stress started to infect other things because that’s how stress works, it snowballs. And before you know it, everything is starting to go wrong and you have no idea what happened because you’re still showing up just the same every day, doing your best at home and in the workplace.

But you’re not.

Because stress makes you stupid. That’s a scientific fact. And we don’t even realise it. Stress actually stops our rational, logical and creative thinking. We stop thinking period!

‘Last year I was alone and lonely and I hated myself. This year, I’m still alone but no longer lonely. I value the time I have to get to know who I am and bring all of me to a relationship where I will be valued and appreciated.’
DX Donegal

Instead we react. React to the hundreds of things that could and might and occasionally do go wrong every day. Instead of looking for solutions, we’re firefighting, never looking further than a sticking plaster for today’s crisis, ignoring the looming disaster bearing down on us because we just can’t look past all the sh!t that’s coming at us right now!

Overwhelm, burnout, exhaustion, even pain and medically unexplained symptoms and disorders all come from the same thing – spending far too long in that stressed out state.

We are stuck in a stew of toxic stress hormones that disrupt our whole damn lives if we don’t take care of it. And soon.

Stress threatens our survival, it certainly affects our lifestyle. We’ve gotten so busy with work and nonstop entertainment and distraction that we don’t stop to contemplate what our life is about, what we’re working so hard for.

And life and work and even family and our relationships stop being productive or fun, so we just anesthetize our feelings and turn our back, sweeping the matter under the carpet.

Self medicating with a drink or two and maybe one too many, or eating too much, or working late into the night even though we know we’re not being productive. All so we don’t have time to stop and think about where we’re headed.

Until we reach crisis point! 

Which is when we fall apart, experiencing a nervous breakdown, or depression, anxiety, panic attacks or a physical collapse of some kind. Whatever form it takes, it will surely come to each of us if we don’t stop and take time to heal.

Crises can be necessary! It can be an excellent thing if we are courageous enough to go deep in our healing.

But why wait until you actually fall apart, why wait until life goes completely to f*ck before you seek help?

A window of hope, inspiring, motivational to change, thought provoking and life changing. At the minute I am struggling with work and increased caring responsibilities, listening to this and knowing my feelings were normal and common helped me to not feel a victim for struggling.’ JC
JC Londonderry