There is beauty in the world even in the midst of brutality, its up to us to choose to see it

I am so blessed to have the most beautiful countryside around me. There’s so much here that I still don’t know, and much more exploring to be done, but on the regular walk that Amelia and I take every morning we pass through woods and farmland, skirt horse farms and finally walk along the canal, and most of it is glorious, especially in the bright, warm summer mornings we’re having right now.

And today’s walk was truly magnificent. One glorious meeting with nature after another, 8 ducklings that were so tiny weeks ago are now almost full grown and hanging out as teenagers everywhere do, no parent in sight. Then we met a new duck family with a single, very recently hatched duckling, all downy fluffy feathers, barely the size of an egg.

We’d barely walked past them when we met geese coming regally up the canal, one parent leading the expedition, one following up behind with the goslings in the middle.

All this in a five minute span. What an amazing world. The flip side to what’s happening in the human controlled world, filled with fear, anger and anguish alongside bullying brutality.

I got home and checked in before I sat down to work, I was at 80% positive energy. I simply check in with myself, I ask the question, where’s my positivity at? and the answer comes back, without fail.

80%? I thought all I had experienced in the morning walk would have filled me up but there’s so much going on and we can’t help but absorb it from the world around us. More needed to be done before I got into my work, because this energy exchange between me and the page, between me and you needs to be 90%+

I checked in with my body, what did it need? I’m dehydrated. More water. (Once, I’d never have done this and just kept going and my work and life suffered as a result.)

After drinking a couple of glasses of water and making a lemon and mint tea – fab, try it! I chopped up an apple to put out for the birds and then filled the watering can to wash out and then fill up the birdbath.

And as I was doing that I remembered I have a Zoom call tonight with a Californian prison charity that works to help inmates resist the dehumanisation of incarceration (I really want to get into this work and so excited to get involved) and without prompting, I got the message that I had reached 99% filled up with good energy and positivity.

And all of that activity from getting my water to serving the birds their’s took a couple of minutes, much less than the time it took to tell you about it.

And yet its effect is powerful and magical. Energy is flowing, I’ve a smile on my face and I’m looking forward to my day and my work.

How we show up in the world is our responsibility. Our own needs and SELF is the first thing we need to take care of so we can bring our best self forward.

Living your best life starts with you being the best you can be. I don’t mean you have to be No1 at whatever you’re doing, although I’m not saying don’t be that if that’s what you want.

What I mean is bring your best effort, holding nothing back, doing all you can with what you’re got.

And you can give so much more when you take care of yourself first.

When you keep bringing your best self, you get better. And life gets better.

Its astonishing how changing how you look at things changes what you see.

And that’s where hypnosis is so powerful, because we only see what we believe the world to be. Perception trumps reality. We only experience the world that is confined within the thoughts we’ve been programmed with.

Exceptional lives start by stepping out of that framework and noticing just how much more there is in the world for you.

Its already there, you just haven’t been able to see it. Hypnosis enables you to see past your limited thinking to everything that’s possible for you.

Change work is challenging, because we naturally resist change. It requires effort, commitment and sometimes the strength of sheer desperation not to go back to how things were to stay the course.

But when your mind, your heart and your eyes are opened to all the possibilities of life in front of you, that you didn’t even know were available for you, then you can consider your effort well rewarded.


Cynthia xx

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