Weight Loss Mindset

Britain is now the fattest country in western Europe. Two decades ago, about five in ten adults were either overweight or obese, with a body mass index higher than 30. Now, it is six in ten.

In 1957, fewer than one in ten 11-year-olds were fat; by 2012, more than a quarter of the class were overweight or obese.

Obesity is responsible for about one in ten deaths in Britain and costs the NHS £5.1 billion a year. It vastly increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, which is the leading cause of blindness in people of working age and leads to more than 100 amputations a week. It has been called a global health epidemic and now the Government is preparing a new strategy to tackle it among children.

If you want to turn off the genes that lead to obesity and turn on the genes that lead to health, the key is the quality and type of food you eat, not necessarily the number of calories you consume or the ratio of protein to fat to carbohydrate in your diet.

Shifting from a nutrient-poor diet to a nutrient-rich diet abundant in plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and whole grains improves the expression of hundreds of genes that control insulin function and obesity.

Here’s the thing though, I find even when clients make the right choices, losing weight can sometimes still be challenging. That’s because becoming healthy and maintaining good health goes beyond just diet and exercise.

Along the way, I’ve learned the secret to making that lasting change: You need to also cultivate the right mindset.

In my practice, I’ve realized most people have no idea how their unconscious beliefs, emotions, and traumas – most formed during childhood – affect their ability to lose weight.

Once you get to the root of those problems, you transform eating well and staying healthy into exciting challenges rather than difficult endeavors.

People think they know to eat healthy. The truth is, there’s a ton of misinformation out in the world, the food industry and supermarkets have a vested interest in selling the unhealthiest, high profit food stuffs, and the sugar industry are well known for suppressing the facts about the dangers of a high sugar diet.

Others think exercise is something you either love or hate, and you only do it if you love it. Again, the truth is that few people who exercise regularly start out loving it or even liking it. They do it because of the benefits to their health, mind, body and spirit and discipline themselves to continue everyday regardless of how they feel about it.

I have struggled with food and watched its effects on me. The stress and struggles of work and chronic illness pushed me to my limits and I often just grabbed what was easy, not what was good for me.

I had to get the wiring right in my head to be able to become healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the right mindset, I wired my brain to love healthy, life-giving foods and dislike junk food.

You can transform your brain to cultivate that same mindset to get lean and healthy. I can show you how to get to the root of the problem. When you release your unconscious blocks, emotions, and traumas that hold you back from losing weight, you’ll move toward the results you want.

Take a second to imagine how you would feel if eating healthy and exercising wasn’t a struggle. It just felt natural. Food decisions become easy. You enjoy healthy eating and look forward to exercising.

You can cultivate that mindset.

Clinical Hypnosis is an incredible technique that I fully endorse. You’ll want to learn about it. It could change your life forever!

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