What I’ve Learned

I’ve learned that the whole world can pull together in a remarkable way even in a time when we thought it was falling apart. That no matter how crazed and disturbing the world seems, there are always good people doing good things to support people who are struggling.


I’ve learned that family isn’t always the best place to ask for help and support and friends usually know you better and understand you, as they know you as an adult and not through the prism of shared childhood experience.


I’ve learned that awful things keep repeating in the world: wars over religion and ethnic origin, which happened in Ireland, Bosnia and Serbia and everywhere in their time, erupting now between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Demagogues and authoritarians recycling old anti-human propaganda, Qanon recycling old Bolshevik and nazi poison. Corporate mismanagement, greed and venality, Philip Green doing to Arcadia what he previously did to BHS. Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg and their coterie embodying the spirit of the old time robber barons and slave owners. Men still chasing power and influence no matter the cost to their fellow humans.


I’ve learned that no matter what we think is important on a global scale, like a pandemic, we still have to get up and eat and wash and exercise and take care of our day to day lives.


I’ve learned that no matter how global the event, all we care about is how it affects us and the people we love. It’s always about us first, the rest of the world comes later.


I’ve learned that the country’s population can be easily scared into compliance and giving up their civil liberties. 


I’ve learned that no matter the threat and the coming together of people to get through it, some people think the rules and restrictions just don’t apply to them and they are right, they don’t.


I’ve learned that having a dog is an amazing way to meet people and have daily connection and conversation with a rich group of people who are also blessed with a four legged friend.


I’ve learned that I shouldn’t write when I’m feeling blue because my mood seeps on to the page.


I’ve learned that rewatching my favourite shows, even when I know all the dialogue, can be comforting rather than boring.


I’ve learned that the whole world can be turned upside down and yet the world keeps on going, people keep on doing, we survive whatever comes. So far anyway.


I’ve learned that the past follows us around  and affects our current reality unless we truly let it go and put it to bed.


I’ve learned that what keeps me sane is meditation, journaling and connection with people who matter to me. 


I’ve learned that hope is important but it must be aligned with realistic expectations to impact people otherwise it’s just empty promises.


I’ve learned that reading about the politics of this country makes me crazy mad about the lack of dignity and integrity in our leaders and it’s more important to look after my mental state than know their latest shenanigans.


I’ve learned that people coming together in small groups can keep each other grounded and engaged no matter how scared they are when alone.


I’ve learned life is a choice, how you feel, how you think, how you show up every day is a choice.


I’ve learned it’s important to always choose yourself, to choose to be the best version of yourself, whatever that may be on any given day.


I’ve learned that it’s up to you how you show up in the world and who you decide to be, a victim or a creator.


I’ve learned that watching a garden grow is one of the greatest pleasures of my life.


I’ve learned that TikTok gives people an amazing way to share their thoughts and views and find like minded community and support and where I once found if loud and glaring and obnoxious, I now find it educational, motivational, warm and funny.


I’ve learned that I need to face and feel my pain and fear to move on. There is no healing without being in my body, not up in my head.


I’ve learned that family will turn on you when it’s convenient for them. This is not a new lesson, just a reinforcement of an old one.


I’ve learned that the people I meet on my journey to healing are amazing and all have wisdom and support to share as I share with them.


I’ve learned that not everyone wants to do the hard work of healing and that’s okay.


I’ve learned that me, as I am, without trying to be anything for anyone else is always enough, always right and always doing the best I can at that moment.


I’ve learned that a daily discipline of tapping, meditation, journaling and hypnosis are as essential to my well being as exercise, water and good food.

I’ve learned that my addiction to the news is hard to break.


I’ve learned there is nothing of value in the news, just more fear, hate and anger.


I’ve learned that constantly reading the news is a form of self hate for me.


I’ve learned that it’s possible to have a scorching hot few days in July and call it a summer in Northern Ireland.


I’ve learned that there are more important things than what other people think, and what they think of me is none of my business.


I’ve learned that I don’t have to have all the answers, everyone knows their own answers, if they are quiet enough to listen.


I’ve learned that to build a life that matters, I have to like and trust myself.


I’ve learned that I never want to stop learning.


That’s me today,


Cynthia xx


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