What’s stopping you from healing? Is it secretly you?

We are all on a healing journey in one way or another, and we all have work to do to recover because I believe that no-one emerges unscathed through childhood.

However healing doesn’t always require energy work or any kind of healing modality. It can take place by experiencing love, receiving compassion and hearing sincere kind words, just to name a few. Just as importantly, healing also happens when we give love, compassion and kindness to others.

Sometimes, we’ll feel better for a while just to find ourselves having a relapse and finding those old negative emotions and patterns resurfacing again. Today I ask you to take some time in a quiet place and ask yourself; what is the benefit of this old emotion or pattern of thought and behaviour? How did it serve me or protect me in the past? What was the purpose of this pattern or emotion?

Allow yourself to find the first time you felt like this or behaved in this way. At one time it protected you in some way, it might not seem logical or sensible but your subconscious mind made a connection between a threat and this protective mechanism.

You have now outgrown the ‘need’ to have this pattern, yet there is a part of you that is holding on to it out of habit. Find it, resolve it and you will find happiness.

Feeling numb or paralysed may have served you once in some positive way at some point in your life. However, as you now realise, this tactic can have negative consequences as this numbness bleeds into every aspect of your life and you can feel emotionally detached from your environment, relationships, people.

It is so important to remember that you didn’t do anything wrong, then or now. What happened happened to you and your mind found a way to cope. Your body and subconsciousness are still trying to keep you safe, unfortunately though, they keep using that same old tactic. This is a pattern that somehow kept you safe in the past and your instinctive responses are still holding onto this pattern and way of reacting to stress to keep you safe today.   

Trauma can have an enormous impact on a person’s physical and psychological health. When a person experiences trauma, most often they were not in control the situation. Boundaries were not expressed, respected or exercised in a way that could make a person feel safe.

As a result, those instinctive responses that were used and worked for you at the time of trauma, your subconscious will still use as an adult and you may find yourself overreacting to small triggers because of the build-up of old stress from the past.

Let’s say the fight instinct kept you safe and helped you to survive, then you will associate infringement of your boundaries with anger. As a result, when you need to say no or express boundaries, a great deal of anger might be triggered and possibly be expressed in a way that might be out of alignment with the given circumstances at hand.

I invite you today to become aware of how you react throughout the day. When you need to say no or express a boundary, do you hide or do you become passive aggressive or aggressive? Do you feel you have to fight for your boundaries or do you become the peacekeeper? Be an observer of your own behaviour and reactions, internal and external, today.

Awareness of how you react now will help you change to a more appropriate response in the future.

Instead of feeling upset when you have emotional blocks that you have already worked on in the past resurface, see this as an opportunity to delve even deeper into the core issue that is really holding you back. Remember your body is always trying to protect you, as is your subconscious mind.

Whatever you desire in life, it’s important you know that it’s NOT lack of time or money or effort or willpower that prevents you from making it happen…

What may be stopping you (and what stops most of us) is FEAR. Fear of change, fear of what might happen, fear  of rejection, fear of success. Fear has many forms, but it almost always has the same effect, it stops us all in our tracks and we don’t move forward.

And I know this because I’ve been paralyzed by fear at many points in my life.

Every single human being, from Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk and everyone in between, experiences fear. It’s part of the human condition.

But, while most of us allow ourselves to get STOPPED by fear, highly successful people have learned to feel fear… and still take action on their dreams anyway.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to allow yourself to feel your fear and still take action on what you’d like to create for yourself in life?

When it comes to YOUR dreams and desires – whether it’s moving toward your dream job or dream business, asking that person you like out on a date, dropping the excess weight you’ve carried for years or whatever else it is you’d love to have in life, Clinical Hypnosis can dissolve your fears away and have you moving forward with more confidence than you ever thought possible.

In hypnosis, you can be guided to discover how to move through your fear so you can follow your heart, pursue your dreams and create a life you truly love living.

You’ll become clear about where your fears and unhelpful patterns of behaviour are stemming from. If you are harboring negative emotions, hypnosis makes it easy to resolve circumstances or interactions from your past that are hindering you.

You can allow the past to just be a story now and let it be. There is no benefit in keeping a past alive that only caused you pain. Be the driver and creator of your own happiness.

When you’re holding on to anger, you have less room for love…

When you’re holding on to resentment, you have less room for happiness…

When you’re holding on to fear, you have less room for creativity…

Holding on to negative emotions severely limits your ability to create the life you want, because every time you’re in a state of anger, or resentment, or fear, or sadness, or guilt, or shame…

You literally limit your ability to think clearly, feel safe, and create the life you want. Let it go. Release the pain, fear and negativity, embrace the joy of living life the way you want to.

If you’re ready to make a start and leave your fears behind, please get in touch today.

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