When you hit the wall, sit on it.

I know Humpty Dumpty got smashed when he fell off the wall. but it’s just as easy to get smashed if you keep beating your head against it.

As I keep saying, change is a daily practice. Adopting a new identity, even when it’s your true identity can feel exhausting sometimes as you switch from the behaviours and identifiers you had taken on to survive.

Yes, of course, its mostly uplifting and energising and freeing, but when you’re just starting or when you’re going to a deeper level, it can feel like swimming through treacle. You’re second guessing what you’re feeling, what you should be doing, who you are and who you want to be today.

Because sometimes, you don’t want to be that next level, best version of yourself who is all the brilliant things you always wanted to be.

Sometimes you want to be grumpy and miserable and a pain to be around.

Maybe because you’re transitioning to a new level and feeling the growing pains.

And sometimes you’re just tired. You’re not feeling well. You’ve been working hard and doing all the things and you wake up feeling like its all just too hard, too fricking impossible.

You see the life you want to live and it feels like a mountain you have to climb on top of the one you’ve already climbed just to get here.

So, stop.

Take a break. And reflect.

Look back on how far you’ve come. How much you’ve changed already. How much that hole within you has closed up.

Okay, it may still be there and still feel infinite but if its no longer looming over every part of your life, that’s a result, a great one.

Some days, we just can’t. And it’s okay to stop. To rest.

Look back at what you’ve achieved so far.

For me, this morning, I feel yeuuk! My head is bunged with the cold, my nose aches because I’ve been sneezing continuously for days, my bones are tired, my eyes are burning. And I feel like, ‘WTF, why me, why now?’

I’m working on a new marketing programme and a new product and I don’t have the time for this and the work I want to complete and launch and all the things I want to be, to do and to have feel like they’re slipping out of reach.

But then I think about where I was  years ago, buried in corporate work, unhappy, just as sick  if not actually much, much worse, deep in debt and so buried in my victim mentality I thought about having cancer just to show my family how wrong they were in being mean to me.

Not my best self for sure.

And even two years ago, I was so ill with all the autoimmune conditions I had going on I could hardly breathe and getting out of bed left me tired for the rest of the day.

And so today, yeah, I’ve got a cold and some other complications but I’m in better health than I’ve been in years when I think about it.

And I’m doing work that’s important to me and I love what I do and get so excited thinking about all the stuff I want to create.

So, I can’t make the progress I want today. So What?

That doesn’t negate all the progress I’ve made, and the projects will be better when I come back energised and refreshed after a day away resting and spoiling myself with hot drinks, a blanket over my lap as I recuperate on the sofa with my favourite magazine and Battlestar Galactica on BBC iplayer.

I’m still making progress because I’ve learned not to push on but to take the time to rest and come back stronger tomorrow. A hard lesson to learn, that one 😉

It’s all good, because everything is always working out for my highest good and the highest good of everyone around me.

Don’t be Humpty Dumpty and smash yourself on the wall. Sit, rest, have a picnic, admire the view, give yourself credit for having come so far and when you’re ready, pick yourself up again and move on.

Its all working out perfectly. Trust yourself to know when you need a rest, trust your body’s intelligence. And trust that you will move on in the right direction when you’re ready.

It’s not all Go, Go, Go.

Stop and start is okay, sometimes, too. Just go again when you know you need to, when you’re ready and keep moving forward.

Because that’s the only way to go…forward.

Just as there’s no miracle pill to cure you and make everything the way you want it to be, there’s no one step that takes you to the life you want to live. Its progress over time, every day moving forward, little by little.

Every day you show up as the best you that you can be that day.

That’s the key, to always be the best yo,u calibrated to the day you’re having.

So sometimes it will be Go, Go, Go and some days it will be rest, recover, reflect and plan.

For me, today, its resting, sitting on my sofa, picnicking with Amelia.

Whatever you choose to do to rest, enjoy it. Guilt and worry about what you could and should be doing cancel out the benefits you need from a rest day.

When you’re switching off, truly switch off. Mentally, emotionally and digitally!

And allow yourself to recharge to move forward again.

Because its always about what’s right for you and you know that best.


Cynthia xx


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