Let Light into Your Dark Places

What do you do when surrounded by darkness?
Maybe your sense of hope burns brighter than ever?
Or do you want to curl up, fold and roll into a fetal position? As if that were a solution.

How do you remember that you are an infinite being of light and love when daily life seems to be all about stripping you down, pushing you down, rubbing you down to nothing?

These are times of great turmoil and it’s not easy to open a newspaper these days.
Daily life gets harder and harder and it’s not easy to find a way to live in a manner that honors the person you know yourself to be.

And when you’ve been pushed and pulled and worn down and put upon its not easy to remember that the way it is now is only the way it is now.

We can easily lose sight of how we can feel into or figure out what we actually do to get to a place of both personal fulfillment, and service to this world that so needs our love and attention.

How do we do that when we feel…… crushed?
How do we fly into the stars when it is so frightening to open our wings?
How do we fulfill the urgency we each have to love?
Especially when it is so very likely that we have never ever felt that warm blanket of love ourselves?

Maybe now is the perfect time to remember.

To remember that we know things.
Our waters run so very deep.
We can feel the subtle and are aware in ways that only we know.
We want and need to grow the way we see our world and all of its people, and grow the way we speak into our world.

What if we lived in a world where:

We do not hold in our tears.
We do not hold back our rage.
We do not sit on our passion, our vision, our truth.

Give yourself permission to feel, to allow yourself to experience your emotions.

This is the world I want to live in. This is the world I am working to create, with every fiber of my being, in any and every way that I can.

It starts with feeling.
This then bleeds into the way you live every aspect of your life. The way you stand up for yourself at work, the way you love, the way you parent your child.

You deserve time to find this part of you within.
You deserve a chance to explore your passion and your power in a way that provides only freedom and support.

Hypnotherapy with me provides the tools and technology required to remake your inner world so that you can reinvent and remake your outer world. To finally breathe free and take everyone your know and love higher.

There room for all of you in this world. Your voice, your engagement, your presence is required for you to be and become everything you can aspire to be.

No matter how far it feels from where you are now, or who you are now, this is how you started out. I could take you back in time to you as a two- or three- or four-year old, and you would encounter your your outrageous enthusiasm and your confidence in yourself as the most divine creature on earth.

Hypnotherapy is an experience that can so profoundly and deeply and ecstatically alter your soul, your core, and your cellular structure. It whips you back to the sanity you were born with.

Many of those longed-for, deeply desired, soul-wrenching questions that have been biting away at your well-being will be answered and resolved.
You will be able to totally reorganize your destiny and insure your happiness, your fulfillment, your truest truth every day of your life.
You will be able to open yourself to surrendering to love and intimacy.
You will find compassion for yourself and all you have known in life.
You will find aspects of yourself, your confidence, your raw joy and outrageous power, that you did not even know were missing.

The pathway is cleared. You have ability to rediscover yourself as a man or woman who knows their power, owns their magic, and lives their destiny. This is an incredible process worth its weight in flawless diamonds.

I invite you to rediscover the truth of you. I’m here for you.

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