Who’s in control; you or those who hurt you?

You either get better or you get bitter. Its that simple.

You can take what has been dealt to you and allow it to shape you into a better person or you allow it to tear you down and you just become the aftereffects, not the whole of you anymore.

The choice is always yours. Its not out there, its not fate or destiny or their fault. What you chose next, how you chose to live,that’s all on you.

We’ve all been in pain, and maybe you’ve experienced to its fullest extent. You can either allow it to break you, to influence you in making decisions and taking actions that don’t serve you. Or you can choose not to allow the pain to control your future and who you want to be.

The end result of pain, abuse, all that hurt is often confusion, loss of trust and resentment towards people who were supposed to look out for you, supposed to love you.

You can stay that way, isolated, alone and hurting or you let it go.

You can stay feeling unstable and lacking a proper foundation on which to build your future. Suppressing your anger, pain and fear becomes your superpower that you use to survive, to feel nothing as bitterness, rage, hate builds deep inside. And inevitably, your passion, joy, freedom, love and personality slowly become suppressed too.

You are powerful and strong enough to heal this, you have come this far already! You might as well go all the way. You have what it takes!

Heal yourself by letting it go.

Think about all that you holding onto that isn’t yours. Feeling, emotions, thoughts and beliefs that someone gave to you, not with love, this is not a gift you treasure, this was something given with pain, hate, betrayal.

So, why hold onto it? Its not helping you, in fact its hurting you. Let it all go and if you need some help with that? Well, that’s what I do. Change your mind and the rest will follow.

#ClinicalHypnotherapy #changeyourthinkingchangeyourlife

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