Adaptation: One of the best and worst of human traits

adaptation: Change in behavior of a person or group in response to new or modified surroundings.

How have you changed since the threat of the Coronavirus and the subsequent Lockdown? For me, the extreme anxiety I felt as the threat rose here in the UK pre Lockdown and during the first 10 days has given way to a sense of uneasiness at what’s happening outside my door, a wary alertness to the position of other people when I have to go out, a sense of distaste at touching the letters that come through the letterbox, and I’m now happy to have shouted conversations across paths and even the canal when I meet fellow dog walkers.

Lockdown behaviour is a new adaptation because our bodies cannot sustain a level high alert for very long. This has in essence become our ‘now normal’.

I’ve stopped feverishly washing my hands every twenty minutes as I did at the start – so much so my knuckles had dried out and the skin was starting to crack. I wash them more thoroughly than I did pre-Corona but not as often as I did at the start. Still more often than before, especially if I have ventured outside. Dry skin on my hands is a thing now.

Another thing I did at the start, following advice from friends who work in medicine in Hong Kong, was to drink lemon water  every twenty minutes. In fact, with this, I’ve gone back to my pre-Corona levels which weren’t good. I need to improve my hydration levels and keep my Corona adaptation drinking habit.

In the state of fear of contamination that I still exist in when outside, the most telling adaptation I’ve adopted is keeping my distance from others and I get really annoyed when people get too close. Especially when out walking and other people stride forward moving neither left or right to keep the mandated 2 metres between us. I’m still being polite but am more forceful now in my ‘Do you mind? Please get back!’

I had to ask a group of teenage boys to move away from a gate I walk through and they barely moved back a foot. I asked again, citing social distancing and they grudgingly moved back a bit more but as soon as I was through the gate they all started noisily fake coughing. I so wanted to channel Jackie Chan and be able to kick their asses but no touching right?

Inside the house, the underlying anxiety has me eating more than normal and eating all the chocolate in the world all day. This is not good! (understatement!!!!)

In other ways things are great. My work is going well, I’m writing every day, recording, connecting with people who need me, serving however I can, reaching out to my MP to talk about offering hypnotic meditations for the local prisons, sharing what I know that can help people get through this crisis with their mental and emotional state intact.

But even for myself, as a person who lives along, works from home and has done for many years; this isolation and aloneness is greater than anything I’ve experienced in a long time. I really feel for people who are experiencing this for the first time because coming face to face with yourself and not able to get away is seriously challenging.

Mostly because we normally avoid having those conversations we need to have with ourselves.

I’m lucky in that I’ve been through the painful, learning process of being alone most of the time, and even so I know that but for my beautiful Amelia, I might have succumbed to sofa and tv days.

Maybe not, that’s not who I am. For a few days yes, but then you feel it inside. That discontent with the choices you’re making and you say, ‘No, not this!’

For me I start every day with a hike in beautiful countryside, and we’ve been lucky, the weather is fab right now, great for walking, and I fill myself up with beauty, strength, commitment, responsibility, serving my purpose, creativity and joy.

Once home, I return to my daily schedule. The things I must do for myself, for my business, for my clients, for my soul. And I discipline myself to get things done.

Its not all uplifting ra-ra-ra. Sometimes I struggle with what I’m doing, other times everything flows and is easy. But no matter what kind of day it is, I get it done.

And throughout the day, every day of the week I tick off my must-dos, the need-to-dos, the want-to-dos and I move forward.

That’s part of the key for me, always moving forward, even if its only an inch at a time. Moving forward in my personal growth, in the business, in my products, my work with clients, in my life, health, wealth goals.

As I walked this morning, I reflected on RWID and how, for me, it really is the starting point of building your ideal life and stepping up to be your best self. And I reviewed my personal mantra, my five touchstone words, reaffirming their meaning for me, that they were the right words for where I am right now and for where I want to be.

Life – Representing the life I have and my gratitude for all I have, for the life I’m aiming to live, the growth in my personal circumstances, my business blooming, everything responding to Spring.

Love – Representing the love I have for my work, my life, my family and friends, my relationships and how I want to expand that love and grow. The compassion I feel for everyone I meet, the drive to serve and help.

Faith – My personal faith in the divine, in Source, the Universe, and what I’m learning to allow myself to once again call God. My connection to all that is, my Higher Self and my belief that everything is always working our perfectly for me.

Amelia – Representing herself and her darling brother, my precious boy no longer with us.  And all the dogs I have yet to welcome into my heart and home.

Joy –  Having laughter and a carefree happiness, fun doing all I can to serve and be rewarded for doing so. Laughing throughout the day, finding beauty in the world no matter what circumstance I’m in, kindness to all and the kindness received.

Once I had affirmed every word in my RWID mantra I felt that joy burst into my heart and flow through me. I felt connected to the woods I walked through, to the huge burning sun rising on my left already beaming our sunshine, warmth and power. And I knew, no matter what, today was mine.

Your RWID mantra of touchstone words changes everything when you use it, helping you appreciate all you have even as you make every effort to change your circumstances and have more, something better, something else.

Its important to understand that its much easier to effect change from a position of empowerment, joy and simple relaxation than from stress, fear and anxiety. Start your day off the way you want it to go, and end it feeling like you did all you could, gave your best, stepped up into the best version of you that you can be.

And if you need some help with that, HypnoTherapyCoaching is the best way I know to guide you from where you are to where you want to be. Apply today to be a client. This is the fastest way to overcome your fear, stress and anxiety and move into relaxation, ease, joy and making the changes you want in life.


Cynthia xx




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