You already have a superpower, isn’t it time you switched it on?

Close your eyes, well, actually don’t if you’re reading this, that won’t be useful! Read it first and then close your eyes and visualise this: Imagine you have a superpower, a vest reserve of magical energy that’s been lying dormant inside of you, waiting for you to access it and find the switch that brings it to life and enables you to channel it for your good, to deliver your wants. needs and desires.

And you know that power is there, you’ve always had an awareness that you’re destined for more than what you’ve got right now, you know you are special in some way even though your life’s experiences so far may not seem to reflect that.

And this superpower occasionally makes its presence felt with intuitive nudges for you to go in certain directions, make a decision counter to what you might usually do, choose this over that.

When I look inside I picture it as as a vast reservoir, deep, still, quiet and filled with intelligence, wisdom, intuitive knowledge and connected to God and all that is. This vast power that we only allow to trickle through, to seep out through cracks in the dam we built through years of denial , negative judgement, misleading concepts and paradigms of thought and all those limiting beliefs we’ve stacked one on top of the other.

This superpower knows so much more than you could ever hope to know. Its connected to the Universe and other people, to everything in a way you can’t even comprehend. And it lies there waiting, patiently, to do your bidding.

We all have this superpower inside of us and most of us have no idea how to access it. No notion of how to turn it on, to get it to work for you.

Instead its fenced in and dammed up with beliefs that hold it back, hold you back. You have actually diverted some of that awesome power to those beliefs that keep you stuck in a place, living a life you’re not totally satisfied with. ‘You’re not good enough.’ ‘You’ll never change,’ ‘You’re nothing special,’ ‘Who do you think you are?,’ ‘You’re nobody, and worth nothing.’

You keep torturing yourself with thoughts of what could be, what you would love to happen in your life, as if you’re some lifeless, powerless, passive pawn, a victim waiting to for rescue, to win the lottery, stumble over a bag of money. You keep wishing for magic from outside of you.

You are the damn magic! Its all you. And you don’t need anything else. It all starts inside. Instead of keeping your power dammed up, tamped down, switched off. Learn to go inside and get it to flow, get it working for you. step into your superhero costume, (your skin) 😉 and get to work saving yourself and building the world you want to live in.

Hypnosis unleashes your superpower. Finally, you switch on your superpower and get it working for you.

Your subconscious has always been working for you, its simply been misdirected by all those old beliefs that have held you back. With hypnosis you get to drop all that sh!t and leave it in the past, in the dust. Not able to impact you any more.

Now, you focus on what you want in life. You focus on it every day, throughout the day. You get familiar with RWID and build a mantra that brings the life you want to live into sharp focus. And you use it often. All the time if you want it to work faster!

Right now, from where you are, you step into your ideal life as much as you are able.

You want a loving, kind partner? You become the kind of person who attracts such a person. (Remember, like attracts like.)

You want a great career and improved finances? You do the work that makes that happen, focusing on the position you want, the sales you want to make, the increased bank balance you want to see and you do all of what’s put in front of you to make that happen.

You want to be fit, healthy and strong? Concentrate on what that means for you, focus your attention and take the right action to bring it about. East right, exercise, hydrate, sleep. Take care of the body you were given and build the engine you desire to carry you through life.

Everything you want can be yours. You make it happen. Not random happenstance, chance, luck nor divine intervention. You, in conjunction with your superpower and your connection to God, the Universe, your Source. You must meet God on the path to what you want.

Life doesn’t happen to you. Life happens for you.

Make life happen the way you want, instead of getting what you don’t.

Turn it on, turn it all the way up. You know that power is there, waiting for you to show up.

Tap into it, feel the immense power within, ready to surge forward at your command.

Stop playing small, stop the ‘I can’t do this, I can’t have that.’

Grow bigger than your current problems, issues and concerns.

You are able to do anything you truly desire. What are you waiting for?


Cynthia xx

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