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A few days ago I asked you to fill in a survey about what are the most pressing issues you’re facing right now. If you missed it, you still have time to fill it in before it closes. Just go here, 5 simple questions, will take less than 2 minutes to fill in :

From the results so far anxiety, isolation, self care and weight gain are the biggest issues and that’s perfectly understandable considering what the world is going through right now but how do you help yourself stay well and resolve these issues?

Oddly enough, I have ten tips that will help you with all of these. Some are quick fixes and others are deeper healing techniques that will take longer for you to feel their effect but persevere because you’re worth it.

Sometimes its hard to feel like its worth the effort to make ourselves feel better, our problems seem insurmountable. A bit of meditation or chanting or going for a walk seem meaningless and insignificant in the face of looming financial disaster or relationship crisis or the ongoing grind of social isolation.

This is where you need to dig deep and find a small seed of resolve to see your practice through because it does make a difference.

Because no matter what is happening on the outside, your attitude to it changes everything.

  1. Accept the situation for what it is and no more than that. We are going through a global pandemic, we have idiots in power all over the world who seem to care more about lining their own pockets and those of their friends than managing their country’s response to the crisis and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their citizens. There’s nothing any of us can do about that right now. But all is not lost, even with one of the worst governments in our history, there is hope. Vaccines are coming available, more and more are being approved every day, most people are following the scientific guidance of wearing masks, washing hands and keeping a safe distance from others. If you’re feeling a heightened sense of anxiety and isolation, that’s only to be expected. Its far from ideal but you are surviving something unprecedented. Cut yourself some slack just for being okish.
  2. The sky is not falling down! Don’t get caught in catastrophising. Limit your exposure to the news – no more than 15 minutes a day. Same with social media. Scrolling through and losing hours a day is a self destructive habit. Switch it off and read a book or do a puzzle or have an actual real conversation. By phone or Zoom is fine.
  3. Find something every morning to be grateful for and every evening find something about the day to be appreciative of. The attitude of gratitude changes everything – you know this, I’m just reminding you.
  4. Write a list everyday of things you value and appreciate about yourself. We never stop to give ourselves love and we sorely need it. Look in the mirror when you brush your teeth and say out loud or in your mind, I love you, I love you so much. Say all the things you would say to your most beloved friend, your favourite member of your family, your lover, partner, and my case my darling dog, Amelia. All the kindness, sincerity, warmth and affection you give to other people. Give it to yourself. This hypnotic audio is a good start but talking to yourself with love is the most transformational thing you can do.
  5. When you’re feeling low or starting to crave food or finding yourself switching on the news, or doing something you think you want in the moment which will make you feel bad afterwards, stop and ask ‘What am I feeling?’ Naming the feeling actually helps us process it. It stops being this thing we are trying to avoid, some unmentionable thing that huge and scary and bigger than we are and instead it becomes manageable, understandable and we can then process what we’re feeling. Get more emotionally literate with lists like this one…
  6. Stand up, move your body, straighten your spine, lift up your head and practice breathing consciously. Inhale for 6, hold for 4 and exhale for 6. Simply assuming a better posture and changing your breathing to a deeper, more resourceful manner makes a huge difference in how you feel. This helps in the face of food cravings too.
  7. Nothing better than getting out in nature. Get out for a walk, find a place that you like, sit there and breath quietly and notice the teeming life all around you. Human beings are part of nature, we’re natural beings, made of flesh and bone not concrete and technology. Being in nature; talking to trees, animals and birds if you’re like me, its ok if you’re not of the Dr Doolittle persuasion, just watch them, feel their absolute surety in who they are and that everything is in their world is taken care of. And think into that state as much as you can. Imitate that belief that you are taken care of.
  8. Practice RWID. Have a mantra of words that soothe you and protect you from the worst excesses of your own mind. A bubble that keeps you safe. In fact, I have a friend who imagines a bubble surrounding her every time she encounters negative conversations and circumstances. Do that. Picture a bubble around you that everything that could harm or upset you bounces off. Nothing gets through except what you allow in. RWID helps with food cravings too. Have a useful mantra like ‘That is not my food.’ or ‘I don’t eat that kind of food’ or even better ‘I only eat food that nourishes my body, I only eat when I need fuel for my body. I love my body and all it does for me.’
  9. Be kind to others. This is such a huge benefit that volunteering really should be available on prescription by doctors. Helping others help us feel better. We all get lifted up by the impulse to do something nice, be kind, give a compliment and right now there are plenty of opportunities to show kindness to others.
  10. Ask for help. If you’re struggling, if you feel alone and are worrying, stressing out and generally building anxiety and fear in your body and mind, reach out and ask for help. Whether its a neighbour, a Facebook friend, a support organisation, family or friends and colleagues, there is always someone who will listen. Yes, its hard work to reach out and ask for help, we’re taught that we should be independent and do everything for ourselves. Fuck that! Human beings are actually naturally designed for collaboration and co-operation. We’re all in this together, whether it’s a global pandemic or not. Be better than how we all were previously, be a person who asks for help and equally, be a person who gives help too.
  11. Bonus Answer! Journal!!! Yes, write out how you’re feeling. Ask yourself what you would like to have happen. Imagine the vast unseen Universe and ask for help in dealing with what’s troubling you, ask for guidance. Journaling is my favourite tool for gaining clarity and clarity drives out anxiety, fear and cravings.

There you go, I’ve just solved everything for everyone! Cool!

Seriously, this list will help you with whatever you are struggling with. Everything and anything. Don’t lose yourself in unhelpful coping strategies, and don’t get lost in the news. The world is still turning, you’re still here, you’re meant to be here, so please take care of yourself.

And if you need more, if you’re ready to go beyond self help and really go deep into healing and growing and being the best you can be, then get in touch, because client space is not unlimited and I want to help as many people as possible know they are enough, they are exactly where they are supposed to be and they have all the resources already to build the life they want to live.

Especially looking for men but I have never turned away an aligned client. Is that you?


Cynthia xx

Best Self, Best Life – Live the experience of being your best self every day


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