Are you not making enough money? Could the way you think about it be the problem?

We all want more money, don’t we? After all, everywhere we look are people enjoying a luxury lifestyle that many of us can hardly imagine experiencing for real. TV, magazines and online, all showing a level of consumerism that could be considered obscene. The Kasdashians, the Beckhams, Russian oligarchs and how they spend their money seem to dominate our media screens and we consume the images of them consuming luxury goods and services and then want that for ourselves.
 And why not? What marks some people out for extreme wealth and not others?
Of course, there are lots of social factors that can keep people stuck, epidemic poverty, limited education opportunities and the lack of connections with people who can make the deals that make more wealth. However, I would also add to that answer the one woman who turned all that on its head. A woman who, despite being born into extreme poverty, with every prejudice against her, became one of the wealthiest and most powerful women on the planet. I give you the marvelous Oprah Winfrey.
And what did Oprah do that you can copy to move your wealth closer?
She got her head on straight about what she wanted and allowed it to happen for her.
For some of us, no matter how much we earn, there’s never enough. Or we just can’t seem to get a break and make any money. There are many blocks about money and each of them becomes twisted into our personal story based on how we were brought up around love, money and care.
And people go about trying to bring wealth into their lives in the wrong way. Looking for better work opportunities, looking for more work opportunities, slogging as hard as they can for as long as they can.
Let me tell you something, that’s not the right way to go about it.
The first massive money mistake people make is Not getting rid of the rubbish in your head about money.
What is your head trash around money? 

What’s your self-talk that tells you, “I can’t have it because…” 

It could be a variation of one of these. 

  • I can’t have it because I’ve made too many mistakes… 
  • I can’t have it because I don’t have the time 
  • I can’t have it because I don’t have the money 
  • I can’t have it because I didn’t graduate from college… 
  • I can’t have it because my parents didn’t have any money… 
  • I can’t have it because I don’t live in the right neighborhood… 
  • I can’t have it because I’m too old…
  • I can’t have it because I can’t afford it…

And you know what? 

You always make yourself right. 

If you believe you can’t have it because you’re too old, you’ll find ways that prove you’re too old. 

If you tell yourself you can’t have it because you can’t afford it, you’ll never be able to afford it. 

If you believe you can’t have it because you’ve made too many mistakes, you’ll keep beating yourself up forever. 

Here’s Why This Is So Important 

When you don’t get rid of your head trash around money, you’re going to experience symptoms like… 

  • Always chasing the next fad, gimmick, or “trick of the month”… 
  • Waiting for everything to be “perfect” before taking ACTION…
  • Not finishing what you start…
  • Not experiencing the income, influence or impact you desire

Now there are basically four vehicles most people use to build wealth. They are… 

1.    Your retirement account 
2.    Real estate 
3.    Investments (stocks, bonds, precious metals, etc.) 
4.    Your own business 

But if you don’t get rid of your head trash around money, it doesn’t matter which vehicle you use… 

Because you’ll be driving down the road of life with one foot on the brake. 

When You Eliminate This Money Mistake 

I want you to picture yourself… 

  • Not having to worry about keeping up with the latest “fad” or “marketing gimmick”
  • Not feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, like you’re always falling behind
  • Having the confidence and self-belief you need to succeed
  • Recapturing that belief in yourself and your ability to get results

All of this and more is possible, when you get rid of your head trash around money. Isn’t that amazing? 

I’m sure most of us can relate to having some rubbish in our heads when we’re starting something new, inherited inner beliefs that tell us things like… 

“I can’t do it”
“This will never work”
“Sure, it worked for others but it won’t work for me”

Are you starting to see how having this kind of rubbish thinking around money will keep you stuck and broke? 

And how getting rid of your head trash around money can set you free?

Here’s Where to Start 

  1. Write down three negative beliefs you have about money. Now you may have more than three negative beliefs about money (in fact, I’ve identified more than 75 negative beliefs about money that my clients have shared with me). But start with just your top three. 

  2. List all the ways that belief is holding you back from making more money. 

  3. Decide that you’re going to rid of your rubbish thinking around money. 

After doing this exercise, you may find that your head trash around money is costing you a lot more than you think. 

That’s one reason that simply deciding, today, right now, that you are going to get rid of your head trash around money, will be one of the most important things you can do for yourself, your loved ones, and your legacy.

And if you want to go deeper and discover beliefs you didn’t even know you had and clear them, then please get in touch to schedule a consultation. I’ve had great success in changing how people think about how much money they can charge for their services, how much money they can attract, save, have. I love this work, it transforms lives.

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