Are you stress and worry’s little bitch?

Even when faced with great stress and the potential in a situation for pain and loss, we have a choice.

We can choose to lie down under it or get on with what we have to do, acknowledging what’s happening but choosing to think it will work out in our favour and get on with what we have to do without being overwhelmed.

Is it easy? No.

Is it easier than sitting in a gibbering heap, hoping, praying, worrying, sitting in uncertainty and thinking the worst things possible will happen and driving ourselves with mad with anxiety and still not having any effect on the outcome? Of course it is.

Today Amelia went into the vets for an operation and maybe to you, if you don’t have or a dog or know how much I love mine as companions in my life, you might think that’s not such a big deal. But I love that wee dog with all of who I am.

Last year I lost Reilly, Amelia’s big brother and my soul teacher, but even before his stroke and illness, I was always a wreck taking him to the vets. I would be crying before I even got to reception and would be so choked up I was unable to speak to the vets. eventually I had to bring a friend along to speak for me and explain why we  were there.

Thankfully, my dogs are mostly healthy and well, so I don’t go through this very often.

And today, some of that panicky, will she be okay, what if disaster strikes energy spilled into me over Amelia.

And to a certain extent I allowed it to sweep me up into a frenzy of worry about Amelia and what might happen.

And it was only after about ten minutes of useless fretting that I decided to have a bath, relax and take care of myself and after that, I was able to sit and write my journal and then the worry came back and then I decided to do what I should have done at the start.

I checked in with myself, what did my heart and soul say I needed to do to recharge myself, my positivity, my optimism, my sense of balance?

And I was guided to do the gardening I’d been putting off for a week, I’d bought loads of bedding, perennials and seeds, compost and fertiliser. I got my gardening gloves out and got started brightening up the borders, creating the garden I wanted to see when I was at my desk writing every day.

The day passed, after two and the operation is over. I started dialing the surgery to get an update, and its constantly busy, – is there anything more frustrating than a constant busy signal when you really need to get hold of people at the other end?

And I could feel the stress start to rise again and so I started to write, and just as I finish this post, I got through to the vets. She did great, the surgery went well, all routine, nothing untoward found or happened and I get to collect my baby girl in a couple of hours.

What I want to demonstrate with this story today isn’t how nuts I am about my dogs, but about how often we forget we know what we know and fall back into those old hardwired patterns.

This isn’t smart and doesn’t serve our goal of being the best version of ourselves that we can be.

We always have the choice of how we think, feel, behave.

We might forget we have a choice, maybe you never knew you had a choice but you do.

Sometimes external circumstances are so overwhelming that we might forget for a while, but that’s why we practice how to think all the time.

Because through constant practice of how to think to serve our life and what we want from it, we build robust pathways in our brain that can actually overcome the old patterns, the new neural clusters can grow bigger and more powerful than the old ones through consistent firing and refiring.

So the new way of thinking reasserts itself after any old stress hi-jacking. Just as mine did today.

I know Amelia is fine, I know I’m going to be okay. I know that life unfolds perfectly for me, and it’s always for my and everyone’s highest good.

I know that.

In my bones.

And so I stop worrying and write and plant seeds and shrubs and pretty flowers, knowing everything is taken care of, everything works out as it should.

And I breathe easier and return to my ‘normal’, reasonably stress free and able to get on with what I need to do.

We can choose to be happy, relaxed and trust in life.

It’s a process and it didn’t happen overnight for me, but I’m so glad I did the work required to be the person who trusts everything always works out great. Life is so much easier, so much better since I started doing that.

Yours can be that easy and free too. You CHOOSE it! Today, start now. To stay in the moment and believe life is working out in your favour and everything gets better and better.

Read about RWID and create a mantra that works for you.

This is foundational thought whispering – RWID all day, every day. 

Sometimes even I forget and when I do, I remember and it’s all okay again.

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Cynthia xx

PS. If you’ve been stuck, feeling like you’ve been living the same day over and over and its no fun anymore, if you’ve fought weight issues, depression, anxiety, addiction, or simply a feeling of general dissatisfaction with how your life is unfolding for you, and you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. It’s natural to feel that a solution is almost impossible.

That’s part of what keeps the problem in place.

But real lasting change is possible.

Think how it would feel achieving your goals with far less resistance,  whether it’s dropping excess weight, gaining freedom from depression and anxiety, being a rockstar in your business or career, or excelling in your personal relationships. You can do it, you have no fears about staying stuck and not moving forward anymore.

See yourself fully present and grounded, living with total fulfillment and satisfaction with how life is unfolding for you, with no regrets, as you carve your own path forward, moving forward always forward, no looking back .

Want this now? Check out this page and get in touch to get started on living your ideal life today.








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