At what cost?

I’ve started a video series on my Facebook page, I’m calling it Nature and Nurture. Its me talking to you about stuff that I think is important while I feed the ducks and swans at my local pond. Come watch, its fun.

And this morning I started talking about New Year’s Eve and what happened here because I was so upset for my poor Amelia who was traumatised by a non-stop barrage of fireworks, it must have lasted 7 or 8 minutes at least although it seemed like forever whilst it was ongoing and it was just nonstop noise from all directions.

At least with an official licensed fireworks display, they’re organised, one after another, usually creating beautiful displays as they burst and bloom in the sky.

This was a sh!tshow!

Everyone and their dodgy uncle out in their gardens letting off their fireworks at random and come that time between 11.58 and 12.05 it was colossal. I felt like I was in the trenches at the Somme! And Amelia was utterly terrified, her little body shaking in my arms.

And as I’m new to the area, this is only my 2nd NYE here, I thought maybe this is how they always celebrate the ending of one year and the start of another. But no, I don’t remember last year being anything like this.

I can only conclude that this display was people’s way of saying ‘Get Lost!’ to 2020.

And that’s pretty futile isn’t it?

After all, time is just an arbitrary measurement, it only has meaning because we subscribe meaning to the minutes, hours, days and years on our calendars.

But what has really changed from 2020 to 2021?

Everything we faced in 2020 was caused by humankind. Even Covid-19. and NO! I’m not advocating for the ‘made in a lab’ conspiracy theory.

From what I understand, this coronavirus was unleashed on the earth by the continuous excavation of natural habitat to clear land for industrial agriculture. We created this through our greed and lack of respect for nature.

We human beings keep forgetting we’re connected to everything and everything is us, as we wipe out species and trample over the earth that sustains us we have what’s now called ‘centibillionaires’ hoarding wealth on a never before seen scale and making plans to colonise the moon or Mars or wherever they think they can create a survival bunker.

Yes, let’s trash this planet and move on.

Great strategy guys!

Amazon was a great idea when it first started but now, with its refusal to pay taxes that put it on an even playing field with all the shops it has now put out of business we can ask – at what cost?

Amazon is a business that plans to dominate online shopping in every area of our lifestyles whilst not paying decent wages and benefits to its staff – at what cost?

Elon Musk has built his Tesla business and reputation on the battery that powers his electric cars longer than any of his competitors, but the minerals needed for the batteries are mined deep within the African earth by child slavery – at what cost?

We can buy cheap clothes to wear once and throw away, clothing made by women who might have been chained to their sewing machines so they can’t take a break and paid a pittance – at what cost?

We buy meat, poultry. pork from our supermarkets, all neatly wrapped in plastic so we don’t see the horror of mass volume farming and slaughter – at what cost?

Its time to start taking responsibility for 2020, because we made it possible. Our consumption habits, the more, more, more drive of our media and society created the monsters we are now living with.

Many people trace this back to Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Regan but this ‘Me First’ thing came way earlier that that when Charles Darwin’s idea of survival of the fittest won out over his rival’s theory of collaboration and contribution.

Many scientists now evaluate that neglected theory much more highly for survival of the world than Darwin’s and I agree. You only have to look at the natural world to see that this is so. Species that collaborate and contribute to the whole of their communities survive better, well they did before humankind interfered.

This is a crisis point for our world and for humanity. We must learn to collaborate and contribute, to connect with each other and help rather than push others who need us out of the way in our striving to have everything for ourselves.

This works for our personal good too. Contributing, collaborating, finding connection with others, in our communities and throughout our world lifts us up. Helping others is the most powerful thing we can do to help ourselves.

There’s a reason why volunteering is so popular, it makes us feel good.

Next time you’re about to consume without thought to the impact, whether in the supply chain or on you, ask – at what cost?

This works for your addictions, the habits you want to change as much as anything else. At what personal cost do you continue?

That’s two question I’ve given your recently to help you make your life over into one you want to live

  • What would I like to have happen today?
  • At what cost?

Used together you’ll be happier and more conscious in your choices, as you go about your day building contribution, connection and collaboration.

Its a beautiful world we’ve got right here. I don’t need to travel into space, I want to preserve what is here already.

In 2021 try this: don’t consume. Produce.


Cynthia xx

OMG! I have also completed two new programs for you. One is a super sheap, super fab little course that offers you 5Steps to Mindset Mastery. I have had to record all the audios due to a technical glitch but in doing that I was surprised at just how good the information in this is. Its life changing and it won’t be expensive at all.

Second is something I’m mega excited about, my new signature hypnosis/coaching program, Best Self/Best Life. Crikey its good and I’ve almost completed the outline, I’ll share that with you soon. Its not cheap because its a 12 week, highly intensive one to one premium hypnosis/coaching course but I aim to also offer it as a group course and make it more accessible for people who don’t have that much disposable income right now. This is the best way to work with me and I am so excited to bring it to you.

If you’re interested in learning more, email or message me and I’ll send you the deets otherwise wait til its ready to be unveiled in the next few days.xx


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