Build a life that makes YOU proud…

What are you hoping to create in the world?

What legacy do you want to leave behind as a fitting tribute to your life?

How do you want to be remembered?

And finally, are you currently living in a way that’s going to make that happen for you?

Build a life that makes you proud. The most important word in that sentence is YOU!

What so you do that makes you proud? What gives you that glow of satisfaction, that sense of yes, job well done, go you?

You know that feeling? at least, I hope you do.

When did you last feel it?

Earlier today? Yesterday? Last month? In the last six months?

I know its easy to go years without feeling it. I did. 12 years of feeling lost, not knowing what I was doing, flailing around, unsure, unguided, purposeless.

And yet now, I feel it regularly. Maybe not every day but certainly several times a week and I intend to feel it more often. I am committed to it. Its the only way to leave the legacy I intend to leave behind, the only way I can live a life that makes me proud.

Do the things that give me that feeling.

What are they? For me, that sense of accomplishment comes when I create something, a blog or a program that I know is excellent and will help people. Or after a session or a call with a client and I can hear the difference in how they show up now from the person they were before they started working with me.

But its not all about work. I get that feeling when I’ve completed a long hike or a difficult climb or read a chapter in a book that challenges me or even making a phone call I’ve been putting off.

Its when I’ve cleaned the house and that moment before I relax and it gets messy again and its pristine. I love that moment.

When I say hello to people I meet when I’m out walking and especially when I stop and ask if they’re okay when I see someone who appears to be struggling.

Feeding the swans and the squirrel in my back garden and I feel so proud when he especially seems to love the fruit and nuts I put out for him.

We grow up learning to be whatever our parents want us to be and for years we do the things we think will make them proud. And sometimes that aligns with our own desires and often it doesn’t.

People often don’t know themselves, their own likes, dislikes, needs, desires and personal goals and ambitions.

How can you live a life that makes you feel proud when you don’t know yourself enough to know what that could be?

Start by doing something that makes you feel good and is productive and helpful. Maybe its creating a beautiful garden or thriving houseplants. Looking after children, or the ill or elderly. Maybe its writing, drawing, painting, singing. Maybe its birdwatching or getting to know the wild animals in your local area.

And keep doing it and figure out how you can share that gift with others.

That will make you feel proud. Sharing something you love with other people. Giving them the gift of your enthusiasm, your knowledge, your love for what you’re doing shining though.

And every day you do something that makes you feel proud.

Why would you not when it makes you feel so good?

This world we live in seems to prize misery and repetition of the same old day, day after day.

Break out of that jail and do what makes you feel proud of your life, proud of yourself.

Still don’t know where to start? Go for a walk in nature, sit quietly in a park, in a copse of trees, be still and allow your thoughts to wander whilst having set the intention to find a thing you love that you can do that makes you feel proud.

And if you show your beautiful thing to someone and they don’t appreciate it or mock you or any such nonsense? They were the wrong people. Not you, them.

You keep doing you.

Nobody else cares, they’re jealous you found the answer to the questions I started this post with. And so they try to belittle your accomplishment and tell you its silly or doesn’t matter.

Of course it matters. Because you matter. Your happiness matters.

Live a life that makes you feel good, that makes you proud.

You deserve it.


Cynthia xx

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