Change for Life: The Self Restorer

Change for Life! 

Change for Life: The Self Restorer

It’s Time to STOP Letting The Past Rule Your Present and Define Your Future

A Personal Transformation Process to take you from where you are to the YOU, you always wanted to be.

Isn’t it time to get ALL of you going in the same direction, heading to where you want to be, being the BEST version of yourself? This remarkable programme does just that for you.

You weren’t born to play small…

Change for Life:The Self Restorer is a groundbreaking transformational hypnotherapy process that changes your patterns of thinking and behaving, effectively rewiring your brain to gain the peace, growth and success you deserve.

Maybe you are struggling with self-doubt, limiting beliefs and unrealized success as a sense of quiet desperation sinks in that maybe this is all life is. There’s a heaving sense of dread, the realization that you’re not living up to the person you could and should be.

And perhaps you feel like your own worst enemy, as you realise that your struggles with self-doubt, self-blame, and unworthiness are robbing you of the abundant success and joy you see others creating effortlessly.

Good News! It’s entirely possible to release that disempowering fight/flight/freeze response from your mind and replace it with a subconscious magnetism for personal growth, intuition awareness and happiness,

The process I guide you through focuses on deep and lasting change in your models of reality. Your mental, emotional and behavioural makeup undergoes a profound transformation, you’ll think, feel, and perceive your world on a whole new level.

Addictions, anxiety, and fear melt away. And, you’ll start achieving your goals with far less resistance – whether it’s earning an extraordinary income, being a rockstar in your business or career, or excelling in your personal relationships.

You don’t have to believe it’s going to work, but this work is undeniable. You will have a massive experience, a release of pent up emotions and trauma that has been building up inside you since childhood. 

You will have the most amazing experience.

What made you look for someone like me, what made you decide to read this page, to seek help is that you’ve had enough of whatever it is that’s causing you pain, you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked, life hasn’t changed, you haven’t changed.

Now, with this process – gently, effectively you shift how you view traumatic memories.

You finally get to turn off the lie, ‘I am not enough.’ You know you have and are everything. You are enough.

You are worth it. You are worth showing up for. You are worth loving yourself. You are worth healing yourself.

Your Thought Processes Will Be Upgraded

Watch all your outdated, unwanted, and self-sabotaging thought paradigms vanish, as empowering beliefs, emotions, and models of reality take their place.

You’ll Thrive In The Unknown

No more hiding in your comfort zone – start welcoming and thriving in unfamiliar environments, meeting new people, and learning new skills as you explore the thrilling unknown.

You’ll Develop An Instinct For The Right Choices

Gain an intuitive ability to make the best decisions at the snap of a finger, even when you don’t know all the variables. Say goodbye to hesitation and second-guessing yourself.

You’ll Become Present & Grounded

Free yourself from the shackles of the past and the worries of the future, as you show up as the best version of you in the only time that truly matters: NOW!

You’ll Live With Total Fulfillment & Zero Regrets

Dive into the world of total self-love where criticisms – both internal and external – no longer bother you. Instead, your whole being radiates with unshakeable love and acceptance.

You’ll Fearlessly Carve Your Own Path

Release the need to seek approval, and be fearless in your abilities as you move towards your own personal definition of extraordinary success and fulfillment.

“Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll never be content with what you have.” ~ Doris Mortman

Change for Life:The Self Restorer is a transformational hypnotherapy process that comprises of an 6-week deep dive into your mind – and the thought patterns and models of reality that shape your life.

Every week, you’ll take part in interactive Transformational Hypnotherapy sessions to unlock your fullest potential.

Each of these transformations triggers incredible improvements in your confidence, self-esteem, career performance, relationships, self-belief, and more.

We’re Rewriting Your Mind’s Programming

When we’re speaking of the mind, know that it’s multiple layers deep. In this programme, we’re going to overwrite old, ill-serving paradigms that exist in the deeper layers of your mind with new empowering models that fully align with your goals and desires.

‘I have put my heart and soul into so many therapies only to still be stuck in the same groove and two sessions with you has made a massive difference to my life… I finally have had a break through!’ Maggie

Overview of Change for Life:The Self Restorer 

First Session 

Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy (RPET), a process of dialoguing with your subconscious using muscle testing to create the right circumstances for change and allowing change to happen at the deepest level. This is foundational clearing of old programming, priming the subconscious for healing, release and learning new habits of behaviours that are more useful and supportive.

During the first session, you will also have the first of your inner journey’s, Dreamscaping, allowing your subconscious to take you on an amazing healing journey that is absolutely unique, every one you have will be different and every one will be highly relevant to your life and what you need right now.

We will review the Dial Technique, and I’ll show you how to use this to go into your mental and emotional control room, where you can turn down anger, frustration, pain and turn up patience, clarity, peace.

Second Session

RPET to encourage the deepening of the release process and continuing the clearance of old programming, inserting in its place, self love, self compassion, empathy, and confidence. We will also run a process of completing unfinished business and you will experience your second dreamscape which will continue the healing, learning and self love activation.

You will also learn the Trauma Hug and how to use this to recover from emotional overload. We will also talk about RWID and decide on your mantra and you will understand the power of this tool in changing your state of emotions.

Third Session

Repeating the RPET to encourage the deepening of the release process and continuing the clearance of old programming, inserting in its place, self love, self compassion, empathy, and confidence.

Intensive Inner Child Healing work, reconnecting to your traumatised self and giving that child within what he needs to feel safe, secure, loved. 

Dreamscape to learn new information and gain more healing from the subconscious. 

Fourth Session

Repeating RPET process as before.

Anger Release and Forgiveness: a deep hypnosis programme designed to  release all pent up anger from past relationships, events, misunderstandings, etc. Replacing the anger with love, kindness and joy.

Dreamscape to learn new information and gain more healing from the subconscious.

Fifth Session 

Repeating RPET process as before.

Future Life Modeling, a deep hypnosis programme calling in the emotions, feelings and thoughts you want to infuse into every cell in your body, imagining the ideal life you want to live and  opening the subconscious ability to heighten your intuitive ability to be in the right place at the right time to make it happen.

Conclusions, A final guided intro Dreamscape to gain closure on any and all unfinished business, whether it be conscious or subconscious and gain even more healing from the deep subconscious.

Each session will be followed up with specific homework for you to help integrate the healing work achieved during our time together.

This is an amazing, intensive process for change, releasing the past and allowing yourself to find peace, feel free to live and love without shadows and fear.

I recommend everyone look after their mind as they look after their body, with a monthly session to stay clean and clear of old programming once they’ve finished this process. 

Ready to Love Yourself? 

Change for Life:The Self Restorer HypnoTherapyCoaching Programme is designed to clear, delete, remove all the old stuff that isn’t even yours and leave you free to build a solid foundation of self love, self compassion, self belief.

Things you may experience as a result of following the Change for Life:The Self Restorer programme:

Deep healing of wounds, grief and traumas

Release unprocessed emotions and memories

Release toxins from the cells of the body

Generate greater self-love and more loving relationships

Lead you to Emotional Balance

Feel overwhelming joy

Feel relief from physical pain

Find deep, inner peace

Feel massive stress relief and deep relaxation

Feel increased connection to source

Transcend the mind and emotions and support an internal awakening

Break free of old patterns and behaviors

Quiet the internal critic

Feel a massive connection to creativity and confidence

Access expanded states of consciousness, including higher guidance and clarity

If you want to be free and are committed to making it happen, then this programme is for you.


Cynthia xx

Click on the link to our contacts page and email, message or call me to book your free consultation.

‘This is Powerful. Everyone needs to experience HYPNOTHERAPY with Cynthia.’ Maura

Regain Control Of Your Self-Image

Gain an unshakable attitude that helps you cut through unwanted distractions and focus on your priorities.

Get Familiar With The Unfamiliar

Too many people settle for a comfort zone of mediocrity and familiarity, while avoiding the unknown due to a fear of failure or change. You’re going to now be excited to explore, grow, and challenge yourself.

Do What Scares You First

Often, it’s the difficult tasks you procrastinate on that hold you back from your goals and dreams. Discover a simple perception shift that empowers and emotionally prepares you to get these tough tasks done first, speeding up your journey to success.

Take Consistent Daily Actions

It’s what you do every day that makes the difference in how you feel about yourself and life. Learn how to prioritise your self care and never compromise on what’s important in keeping you on track.

 Delay Gratification For Future Benefits

Learn how to lean in to the discipline of taking consistent action towards your goals and saying no to  that which will delay you reaching them. This will make you far happier in the long run. 

Realise You Are Enough

Most people’s negative habits can be traced back to one thing: trying to fill the emptiness of not feeling enough. Know it and own it, You are enough. Always have been and always will be.

Become Immune To Criticism

Unconstructive criticism, whether it’s from a boss, family member, or even yourself, can wreak havoc on your mind and vibrations. Discover how to become immune to it, while also turning yourself into a lightning rod for praise and constructive criticism that uplifts you.

Change for Life:The Self Restorer   is available in person or via online  Zoom sessions. 

All you need to build your life without limits is inside of you. Release the brakes, set yourself free.

A life with no limits, let’s go for it.

Cynthia xx

Click on the link to our contacts page and email, message or call me to book your free consultation.

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