Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy, Freedom from Chronic Pain Conditions 

Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy

Freedom from Chronic Pain Conditions 

The Subconscious Therapeutic Elimination 

of Pain Signals/Symptoms

The key protocol used primarily for Pain Elimination is S.T.E.P.S.

The Subconscious Therapeutic Elimination of Pain Signals.

A deceptively simple negotiation technique working with the conscious and unconscious mind to resolve the most long held issues and eliminate most pain*.

*We do not eliminate pain that has a valid ie. medical/acute reason to exist in the body. Whether or not a valid reason exists is easily ascertained by dialogue with the unconscious mind.

S.T.E.P.S. is a process of dialoguing directly with your subconscious using muscle testing responses, creating the right circumstances for change and then creating space and allowing change to happen at the deepest level of your being. 

This is a foundational clearing of old programming and events that created the beliefs that in turn created the pain you are now experiencing.

During STEPS we also prime the subconscious for ongoing healing, and learning new habits of behaviour that are useful and supportive.

Every human on this planet has experienced some type of physical pain in their lifetime. 

One of the great equalizers, 

pain knows no race, gender or creed.

It is often billed as an unfortunate occurrence to be avoided at all costs, but pain is actually quite useful, at the right time and in the right amounts. 

Pain show up to warn us when things are out of balance – from an acute injury like a cut or sprain, to a chronic underlying condition like rheumatoid arthritis or a digestive disorder.

As overwhelming as pain can be, it’s important to remember that it is not a disease.

Pain is a symptom. Instead of just putting a Band-Aid on the symptom, it is imperative to get to the root of the pain in order for true healing to occur.

And no matter what type of pain it is, one thing is for certain, there’s no reason for you to be in constant pain. 

Pain’s primary function is to alert us to injury or systemic malfunction.

It is designed to help guide our healing process.

And when we do what is necessary for healing, pain should go away on its own or be easy to soothe with the right lifestyle practices.

And when it doesn’t, it’s time to stop suffering and start listening to what your body and mind are trying to tell you. 

When pain goes on and on and your doctor can give no explanation for it, and can do nothing more for you than prescribe more painkillers, it’s time for a dialogue with your Unconscious Mind to find our what’s really going on.

What we usually find is that there’s an old trauma tied to what you’re currently experiencing. 

Whatever it is you think is the source of your pain, discomfort, or hurt, it most often isn’t.

One thing it’s important to know and understand is that your subconscious mind isn’t linear, it doesn’t work like your conscious mind with it’s past, present, future logic. 

In the subconscious, everything is happening NOW!

When someone comes to see me, they’ll sit in my chair and tell me what’s going on with them, what’s wrong, where and when it started. 

And they are mostly wrong. If they were right, they wouldn’t need me. 

That’s why many times, my client’s will say, ‘But I’ve already cleared that,’ and yet that old trauma they thought they’d cleared is still showing up in their lives, in their bodies and in their minds in one form or another.

‘It wasn’t your fault what happened to you but it is your responsibility to correct it or get rid of it.’ David Snyder

Science is proving that our body’s ability to heal and repair itself is greatly affected by our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and intentions for they have a profound vibrational effect on our constantly evolving DNA code.

Most of the time when people look for healing, the work is down on the physical and/or the energy body, and the mental body is left untouched.

And the mental body is the causal body. 

When you have an experience, the mental body is where that experience is stored, and it generates emotional energy because it keeps running that experience over and over and over again.

Chronic  long term pain and health conditions need an intervention with the subscious mind to release the old patterns and programmes and return you to the best health possible for you.

I was blown away when I first experienced Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy (RPET), and once I trained and started using it, clients had similar amazing experiences. Like this one….

‘I’ve just had a bit of a spectacular experience with Cynthia!!

If you are experiencing ANY physical pain at all, anywhere in your body, do yourselves a favour and book with her for a “Rapid Pain Elimination” session. One hour I was with her, ONE HOUR and I simply cannot BELIEVE the difference in my body. In particular, I am now able to lift my right arm in a way that I’ve not been able to since I was 14!

Im not going to tell you anymore because I dont want to spoil the surprise of how it works, but trust me, its incredible and she is fab.’ TG, Cambodia 

Isn’t that brilliant! I love this work. It’s simple, easy and you don’t have to spend hours telling me all the things that have happened to you in your life. We just RPET it.

Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy 

The method works to eliminate chronic pain quickly and often permanently. It works with physical pain such as sciatica, back and joint issues, arthritis, fibromyalgia, old injuries and more. 

And it’s equally effective for emotional pain such as anxiety, depression, and more. 

RPET is available in person or via an online  Zoom session. A session consists of STEPS to address your Physical. Emotional and Mental pain and anxiety and a fantastic Inner Journey, where you get guidance and answers direct from your subconscious. 

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