Change is always possible, you have to do one thing first

No matter what you want to change, you can

You can stop doing whatever bad habit, self abusing, destructive thing you do.

You can start doing whatever empowering, uplifting, healthy behaviour you want.

You can change your life; improve your health, your body, your mind, your intellect, your skills and natural abilities, and and all parts of your current circumstance.

You can change everything and anything you want.

You can go from being fat to thin.

You can go from being unfit to fit, toned, muscled.

You can go from being addicted to free of it.

You can go from illiterate to being a good reader.

You can go from barely showing up at work to being committed and influential.

You can go from poor to wealthy in every aspect of life.

You can go from feeling stuck, sick, desperate and at your wit’s end to feeling strong, free, empowered, knowing everything is working out perfectly for you.

All you have to do is change how you think.


That’s it. Change your thinking and you change your life.

Simple. But maybe not always so easy.

Because you have to do the work it takes to change how you think.

You have to go deep into your psyche, mind, body and spirit  to root out all your old ways of thinking.

You have to go deeper still to root the origins of those thoughts, the events and the meanings attached to them that formed the beliefs that defined the boundary of the life you’re currently living.

And even whilst you’re doing that, you must practice how you want to think, install the beliefs that will support you in creating the life you want to live.

It helps to find people who are already living lives like the one you intend to live. Learn from them, imagine how they think, if you can, be mentored or taught by them, uncover the beliefs that support them in choosing their life and install those beliefs into your own being.

You can do this. Of course you can. We all can change.

All it takes is the willingness to do the work, the determination to make it happen, persistence to keep on thinking the new way in the face of resistance from your subconscious.

Because your subconscious doesn’t like change and won’t make it easy.

Your superconscious wants you to be the best version of you that is inside of your heart and soul.

Your subconscious wants you to stay the same.

Your job is to keep thinking of the way you want to live, thinking of the person you want to be, imagining yourself as that, living like that.

Hang onto those thoughts, live in them, breathe live into them as you fill your mind with the truth of your vision.

Every day throughout the day.

Notice when you’re falling back. Become aware of your triggers, the things that send you running to the discordant comfort of familiarity, even when its behaviour that’s damaging and self destructive.

Always bring your attention, your mind/thoughts/feelings/actions back to where and how you want to be.

I used to believe life was one step forward and two steps back and I would see that in my life over and over. I would progress only to fall back again and I would say something like, ‘Well, at least I’ve proven I can do it.’

NO! Not good enough. Not today. When you know better you do better.

I reprogrammed that belief to a knowing deep in my bones that I only ever move forward, one step at a time, no matter how small, its always forward. And life is always working out perfectly for me.

You can do that too.

And if you want a head start on the work, hire an hypnotherapist. Make sure they help you work on both sides of your equation, deleting the old beliefs and installing the new empowering ones.

And if you want to go even faster, work with me. Sign up for my amazing Change for Life programme and create the life and the you that were born to live, born to be.


Cynthia xx

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