Change is not a relentless push, its not a joyless process, its anything but!

How could it be?

You’re going from where you are, which is where you no longer want to be to being where you want to be, being who you want to be.

How could that be joyless? The change you’re making is taking you home.

But change sounds awful sometimes, doesn’t it? It’s often described as hard, a struggle and there’s all the work you have to do to make change happen.

But does that mean that the process can’t be fun, an adventure to uncover just what you’re truly capable of?

I know it seems like you have to give up everything you’ve been told makes life worth living; fast food, sugar, gambling, porn, drugs. Whatever your vice is, the thing you thought would be the answer but is currently making you feel like sh!t.

That’s the truth right there; you’ve been sold a lie and you’re paying for it with your life.

The thing you think makes life worth living is making you feel horrible, and when you try to stop you feel worse so you use more and feel worse again and so you go deeper and deeper down the ladder to addiction, being out of control, having given yourself over to the thing that now controls you.

So what if all your mates, even if seems like the whole world is eating the crap food, falling down drunk, abusing their minds and bodies one way or another? So fucking what?

The old adage, ‘If they put their hand in the fire, would you?’ test applies here.

Yes, Yes you would. Yes you did, Yes, you do!

Because they all said it would be great, it wouldn’t hurt, only for a minute and then you’d feel fantastic forever and doing it, using it would make you one of them, a rite to belonging. Eat the cake and the biscuits and the bread and the pizza and then more and more because we all love a treat right? No harm in a wee treat, is there? Stuff the burger down your neck, and the fries and the coke and the same tomorrow because what the f*ck does nutrition matter to me, right? Drink til you fall off the bar stool or puke in the bushes because its all great isn’t it?

We eat the food that’s slowly killing us, drink to excess because its not a great night unless you black out or fall over.

We do the things we see those who we identify with do, and even though it makes us feel like sh!t we keep doing it, because somewhere, sometime, someone told us it would feel great. Nothing to do with people wanting to make a profit out of our poor choices?

There’s poison on supermarket shelves advertised as high energy drinks, packages of chemical ingredients masquerading as food, plants that have been chemically altered and ground down into unnatural highly potent powders and beautiful physical and emotional intimacy reduced to a parody with unwholesome, unconnected, objectifying images.

And because of its accessibility, because of its legality, because its f*cking everywhere, we are tricked, hypnotised in fact, into thinking it’s all okay. Our entire cultural landscape is immersed in advertising for wholly unnatural, chemically manipulated, laboratory created addictive substances and imagery.It’s been deliberately designed that way!

So much so that when we say I’m going to eat natural foods only’ people think you’re being obsessive and over the top. When you say ‘I’m going to cut down on sugar,’ it’s almost impossible without cutting out all processed foods because it’s in everything.

Say, ‘I’m giving up the drink’ and people look at you like you’ve gone mad, but why? You’ll have no fun and be no fun without it.

What would you ever do that for?

Isn’t it great eating this pretend food like substance and making your body and mind feel like crap?

Isn’t it the best craic getting off your head and abusing your mind and body with unnatural chemicals and poisonous substances?

Put your hand in the fire, it’s not going to hurt. Until it does.

Abuse yourself, it’s how we know you’re one of us.

And when you want to change. well, who do you think you are, better than us?

You think change is a joyless process?

Think about staying stuck in that place, where you are, with those people. That’s where joylessness lives.

There is so much joy in change.

Of course, it’s difficult at the start. But as you start to see the littlest signs of recovery, you rejoice.

When the cravings stop, the peace is indescribably beautiful.

When your body and mind start to heal and you feel clean, clear headed and have all your wits about you – that’s amazing.

When you gain the time and energy and vitality to do the things you love with the people you love, things that grow you, that help you thrive instead of losing days to recovering from a binge – so fricking good.

When you change your thinking, you change your life.

And sometimes that change might mean changing the people around you, and that’s okay. Because if they love you, they’ll want what’s best for you.

And you’ll start to see that putting your hand in the fire is a stupid thing to do. And you know better and decline to get burned ever again.


Cynthia xx


And if you want a head start on the work, hire an hypnotherapist. Make sure they help you work on both sides of your equation, deleting the old beliefs and installing the new empowering ones.

And if you want to go even faster, work with me. Sign up for my amazing Change for Life programme and create the life and the you that were born to live, born to be.

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