Day by day, hour by hour, even minute by minute you are choosing what to do with your life

What are you giving your life away to?

Bet you’ve never thought about it like this before and its kinda new to me to. This sense of responsibility to actually give my life to what it was given for.

What do I mean?

Every day we are given 24 hours, or 1440 minutes. Its not so long really is it?

And what do we do with that precious time?

Do we spend it filling ourselves up with good thoughts, happy memories, learning new things, challenging ourselves to do better?

Well, if you’re anything like me, probably not. Or as I’ve recently realised not enough.

I want to live a life that matters. That means every day I have to give time to creating that life.

Instead of giving it to hours of tv or news surfing online or distracting myself with thoughts of what I’m going to eat or read or watch next.

I want to live in as healthy, fit and amazing a body as I can.

Instead I eat rubbish, eat too much, sit whilst working, sit when I’m not working and don’t practice the exercises that will give me the strength, suppleness and leanness I desire.

I want to do work that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Instead I second guess whether I’m good enough, if I know enough, if I’m expert enough, if I’m just fucking enough!

Here’s the thing that breaks my fucking heart.

I hate seeing people being taken advantage of, I hate seeing them not live up to their potential, not because of who they are but because something happened, usually when they were a little child that shut them down from thinking they could be all they dreamed of being.

I hate seeing people, myself included, fall victim to the scavengers and gangsters and venal,greedy corporate monsters who sell the sh!t that takes those minutes and hours away from us. Whether its gambling, crappy addictive food, alcohol, sugary drinks, porn, drugs, tv.

Someone is getting very rich on taking our lives away from us.

Lots of people in fact, making billions and billions off of us!

And most of us don’t even realise our life is being taken away. We think we’re choosing things.

Choosing our life when we’re actually choosing teh things that are killing us all, piece by piece, minute by minute.

We don’t realise we’ve been set up to fail by subsconsious programming put in place in our childhoods that make us susceptible to all the things that take our lives away, that stop us from feeling, stop us from being all of who we could be.

Our mindset is the identity we adopt and we think its us.

Its not!

Its just how we think.

I can’t watch films and tv shows where people are humilated, torn down, put upon, and yes, taken advantage of. It makes me cringe and feel horrible because I know that victim. I was once in their shoes and sometimes, when I don’t take care, I step right back into them.

That’s why I do my mindset work everyday.

Everyday I write out the person I want to be, the life I want to live, the things I want to do. I create an RWID manta that brings all of that into focus and I use it throughout the day. I meditate, I stop and breathe and visualise and practise my mindset throughout the day.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

But what’s the alternative?

To sit and watch tv and play video games and read trashy novels all day and give my life away for someone else’s profit?

And me, I would never live the life I want to live. Never do the things, be the person I want to do and be.

My mindset work helps me reject the programming I got as a little girl that I’d never amount to anything, that I’d never be good enough for anything.

And it helps me focus on what I want to do, the work and art I want to create.

I am good enough, I’m creating the life I want to live doing work I love to do, creating art I’m so fucking proud of.

Don’t fall prey to the demons inside your mind or the corporate demons that this consumerist world we live in treats like gods. You are the god, they just don’t want you to remember that.

Take back your minutes and hours and Zuckerburg has nothing.

Take back your minutes and hours and the porn industry, the gambling industry, the social media industry, the tv and streaming industries have nothing.

Take back your right to health and eating right and the lying, manipulative food and drink industries, the sugar industry have nothing.

We deserve better. We all deserve to live lives that matter. To live our best lives as the best expression of all of ourselves.

What can you do?


Decide today that even if only for 5 minutes, that 5 minutes is for you.

Do the work: think about who you want to be, what you really want to do.

Five minutes everyday out of a totall 1440 available. You can do that. You can give yourself 5 minutes, can’t you?

Start there. That’s it.

When you’re ready to do more, you’ll get a hint, a nudge, an intuitive nod to what to do next.

But you only ever do the one thing. Start with 5 minutes and build on it.

Take back your life.

Give it to what it was given to you for.

What were you put on the planet to do?

You are an unique expression of life. An amazing set of circumstances had to be in place for you to exist here today.

So, here you are. What are you going to do with this life you were given?

Give it away to some profit driven rubbish that ultimately kills you body, mind and spirit?

Or give it to that which you were given it for?

What is that?

Only you know.

We’re not all here to change the world but if you want to do that, great – go for it.

If you want to change your back garden or your community or your family. That changes everything for eveyone in those worlds.

What do you have to share? What do you have to give?

5 minutes today, focused on you being your most amazing self could lead to you living an amazing life filled with experiences that lift your life up from the ordinary, that fill you up with extraordinary beingness. YES! YOU!

A day where you don’t change, leads to another and then another and that leads to a lifetime where you’ve given your time, give your SELF away!

Which would you rather do?

Me, I’m off to change my world.

How about you?


Cynthia xx

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