How to fix everything *

*almost. Not including world hunger, war, famine, drought, plague, political leaders’ stupidity and venality, other people’s stuff.

Oh, maybe not everything. Not everything out in the world. But certainly everything within your world.

I know, its still a big grandiose claim. But I stand by it. Its true.

How can I be so sure?

Because the evidence is all around me.

Everything can be changed.

But first, you have to change.

Or know that you want to change, I guess that comes first. Knowing that you’re unhappy with life as it is and you want something different.

And the process is the same, no matter what it is that is making you unhappy.

Broke, fed up never having enough, can’t see a way out?What’s keeping your trapped in that space?

You. You can’t see a way out.

But knowing what you don’t want is a great start.

Unhappy with your body, want to drop excess weight, to get fitter and healthier but don’t know where to start because you’ve tried everything and nothing worked for you and you’ve given up hope of ever having the willpower to change how you eat?

Maybe you’re unhappy with the amount you’re drinking. Every night and more than just 1 or 2 and its leaving you fuzzy headed and unable to do your job properly. The drinking is starting to affect your work, your relationships and how you see yourself. And none of it in a good way.

Of course, you might think you’re not really doing anything wrong as such, you’re just not doing anything much at all. Every evening spent on the sofa watching tv and scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.

It all feels out of your control because its the way you are. Isn’t it? I mean, who decides we are who we are?

How do you change the way you are? Can you?

And maybe its more than just the unhealthy habits, its a sense of anxiety, fear of what might happen, this awful thing or that and so you negotiate with the fear to try and reduce the physical symptoms, visit the doctor because it must be something wrong with your body, your mind, something that needs intervention from outside of you because you can’t cope with it.

Could it be as simple as changing how you think?

I don’t mean to be insulting and I’m not trying to minimise just how awful your anxiety and panic attacks are.

Nor how hopeless and fed up but powerless you feel when faced with trying to change your habitual behavior.

I know how overwhelming anxiety can be because I’ve lived in that place.

I know how hard it can seem to be to change when you’ve tried for years and just gotten more and more frustrated, bewildered, hopeless and stuck.

I know how demoralising, depressing and truly awful life can feel when it feels like nothing you do goes well and nothing works out right and things get worse and worse.

So, what have you got to lose?

You’re already deep in bad habits and feeling horrible.

The only thing I’m asking of you to is make one more effort to change and this time to do it differently.

By not doing anything.

To start off with, I don’t want you taking any physical action.

I simply want you to start thinking differently.

Thinking about what you want. Thinking about how its going to feel, look, taste, the words you’ll hear from people’s mouths when you make that change, how the world will be different for you in every sense.

What is that like?

The dream. Your dream to have a healthy, fit, right sized body or to be free from the pull of alcohol or drugs or your self abusive substance/behaviour of choice. To have your perfect job or business.

What’s it like to be you in the future when you have all you want?

And I want you to dream big, to think on a scale that would require a miracle.

Not just to drop 10 or 20 pounds or whatever you need to let go of to be a ‘normal’ size, but to truly be in your right sized body, lean, toned, fit, healthy and hot as hell.

To live totally free from your poison of choice, to not even have a craving or have a thought of using it cross your mind and instead put all the energy you used to use to in using to have the life, the relationships, the work that fills that void you used to try to fill in with self destruction – instead fill it with creativity, love, self esteem, self love.

To have a job or business that fulfills your every need: creatively, socially, with an impact that makes you feel great about yourself, living a life, doing work that matters.

Dream it big, see it all in glorious techicolour. Every detail, texture, flavour, exactly as you want and bigger again.

Feel the pull of it. Like a magnet, drawing you forward.

This is what you use to change everything. The power of your longing to be that version of yourself.

Its the hurt and pain of not acknowledging that which is inside of you that has you hiding, self abusing, self destructing.

What do you want, really want?

What do you want to feel?

Savour the exquisite beauty of that creation you have conjured up from inside of you.

If its inside of you, if you can feel it, then its real. Energetically and emotionally if not physically.

Your job is to keep thinking about it, keep feeling the feelings. Hold it in the front of your mind, no matter what and start to believe it is possible.

Yes, even for you. Always for you.

If its within you, then its possible.

You are enough, you always were, you always will be. Just as you are.

Believe. And start to counter your current negative environment with the image inside of you.

When things get bad in the external world, just think of that as a result of your old way of thinking.

Now, you’re thinking with your own powerful magic focused on what you want, not what you don’t want.

You created a life that felt horrible, now build one that feels so good its amazing, a frickin’ miracle.

Just think about it, feel it, daydream about it.

Write it out in your journal in full glorious detail, everything about the life you live within, how it looks, the sounds you hear, the things you touch, taste, smell.

And if the chorus of dissent arises, as it will, with all the reasons why you can’t have it, not for you, write all those out on a separate page, one by one, list them all out.

And one by one demolish them. Is it true? 100% true? If it can happen for other people, it can happen for you. Don’t be fooled into believing something that’s patently false and does not serve you.

Your beliefs and thoughts are not absolute unless you make them so.

Make your new beliefs, the ones that benefit you, that work for you absolute now.

Yes, everything always works out for the best.

Yes, I am always moving forward in life and it keeps getting better and better.

Yes, I am always supported and take care of. no matter what its all good, always.

Yes, I do the hard things first and I get better at life and life gets better and better.

Yes, what I see within me is real and I bring it into my physical reality through attention, focus and intention.

Ask yourself, what am I now creating in my life?

Write out all the answers and keep writing til nothing more comes through.

And then choose the answers that serve you and repeat them every day. Write your ideal life into existence. Call it in from the energetic realm.

You can change your world.

How you think will change everything; when you change what you put your attention on,  when you decide where to put your focus, when you choose intentionally to create a life that brings you all you want.

Keep thinking, keep dreaming, keep choosing and then do the work as it arises. Take aligned action. Not from fear, be aligned with joy, aligned with your dreams and new purpose.

You can fix everything in your life.

And when you improve your world, you lift the rest of the world up too.

Shine your light, be you and decide to feel good about who you are.


Cynthia xx

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