Developing your knowledge of the kind of life you want to live!

QUESTION: If you only had 12 months to live, what 5 things would you need to achieve before you died to make your last year the BEST of your life?

^^ I know that’s a big one but get thinking on it.

ACTION: Write down your answer to the above and answer HONESTLY… will your current path allow you to achieve any of those 5 things? YES/NO

Now start to ask yourself bigger and better questions:

“What do I want my life to look like in 12 months?”

“What do I want my relationships to look like?”

“What do I want my self esteem to be like?”

“What do I want to feel like on a daily basis?”

“What goals do I want to tick off that will make me happy?”

Begin now by writing down everything you want for yourself in this new life you are creating.

Write how you want your body to look and feel, how fit and healthy you want to be.

Write about the feelings you want to have standing in front of your wardrobe and in front of the mirror.

Write about the relationship you want to have with yourself.

Write about the relationships you want to have with the people you care about and love.

Write WHY you want this.

Write down the habits that you need to break and the ones you must create in order to love yourself. They could be like these ones below:

– I need to learn to love myself instead of feeling like I’m not good enough

– I need to stop using the excuse that “I don’t have time”

– I need to stop setting such a bad example for the people I care about

– I need to stop fuelling my body with foods that make me feel awful, tired, bloated, unwell.

– I need to become fitter & healthier and stop feeling “broken”, “stuck”, “lost.”

– I need to become a nicer person to be around for my loved ones.

– I need to believe I CAN DO IT.

Then set set about creating a plan to make that happen – a framework of daily actions that you can take to make your dreams a reality

To get the life you desire, all you need to do is take small, manageable actions every day…

It really is so SIMPLE.

Maybe you have never before realised the POWER you can get from writing your goals and the daily ACTIONS you are going to take to make them a reality…

This is the BIGGEST SECRET to completely transform your life and the way you feel about yourself.

Get clear on what you need to do and excited about the results you are going to be working towards. Realise that being CLEAR on your goals and how you can achieve them will give a huge boost to your confidence.

Don’t just read this, nod your head and go on to the next thing that captures your attention. Decide that today, you will create a new reality for yourself. The one you’ve been wanting for some time.

If you want to change something in your life, you can. You simply decide and then take action on it. Follow through.

We make it difficult, we wait, we rethink, we overthink, we allow our habits and thoughts and old feelings to stop us even though that change is the thing we are longing for in this life.

Why not just do it? Day by day, minute by minute, make the decision to change and stick with it. That’s what I’m doing today.

Instead of talking about my healthy eating plan and need to change how I look after myself and not doing it, today, I’m doing it. Decision made. No more angst, no more struggle. I’m doing it.

What about you? What change do you want? What excuses are you making for not making the decision and doing it? Are you ready to give up your excuses?

Wouldn’t it be worth it?

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