Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow; You choose which ones influence your life

You can keep looking back to the past and allowing the results from your thoughts and actions, good and bad to determine what you choose to do today.

You can look to the future and the life you want to live, or the life you’re afraid of and allow that to determine what actions you take.

Or you can stay here and now, in the present, and make a decision based on how you feel and what you want right now.

Its good to learn from the past, but don’t let it haunt your every decision. Its equally good to make plans for your future and allow those goals and ambitions to guide you. And then taking past and future into consideration, think about your now, where you are in this moment, how you feel and what you want.

You can reinvent yourself everyday. You can make yourself new every single day. Start over, start again, give it another go. What else would you do?

Your choices decide your life, make better choices every day and life improves.

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