Do you trust yourself to do what’s right?

Now, I don’t mean do you trust yourself not to lie or cheat or shoplift, because of course you’re not that kind of person. That kind of person would never read my blog lol!

Do you trust yourself to do what’s right for you?

I mean do you trust yourself to do what you need to do to lift your life from the mediocre of the masses to one of outstanding individual brilliance? To choose to do what feels good to your heart and soul and not listen to that critical voice that would keep you small, scared and living small?

Do you feel safe in your own company?

Do you like your thoughts?

Are you able to find joy because today contains opportunities for you to express who you are?

Being human – being you – requires support and encouragement and maintenance and courage.

Do you find that within and show up fully as yourself?

Are you ready to do that?

Do you know how?

For me, I like to start every day by deciding what I would like to have happen. That might be that there are ten swans on the pond for me to feed and marvel at or it may be signing up a new soulmate client for my Best Self, Best Life HypnoTherapyCoaching program.

Then I ask how do I serve today?

And I show up as myself. I write a blog that comes through me and is waiting to be expressed and what I believe the world needs from me. And usually I’ll get a few comments that tell me it achieved exactly that, which is lovely for me and lovely for them.

Do you trust yourself to do whatever it is your heart and soul asks you to do?

What is the aligned action you feel you need to take? What do you feel you must do?

Not the ‘to-do’ list, rather this is the fire in your belly, if I don’t do it, I feel like I could die thing!

You might not be able to hear what that is because you’re hearing such a clamour internally and you’re not used to listening to that internal truth.

And its often the still, small voice that hasn’t been heard for a long time. That is your soul, your Higher Self.

Let’s start a practice of listening for it.

Start by figuring out what is the end result you want. What do you want your life to stand for? What would make yours a life that matters?

The first question that I ask of my clients, ‘What would you like to have happen?’

And I usually get a blank face and a shrug.

What do I want?  They don’t know! And people start to list the usual lottery winner list of a mortgage free home, a fancy car, a home for Mum and Dad, a holiday home and in today’s world maybe even a vaccination for Covid-19.

But this is deeper than surface level stuff. What do you want at heart and soul level.

  • Do you want applause?
  • Do you want recognition?
  • Do you want connection?
  • Do  you want to be adored?
  • Do you want to be powerful?
  • Do you want to be a leader or be led?
  • Do you want to have your uniqueness acknowledged and celebrated?
  • Do you want people to know who you are?
  • Do you want everyone to know just how special and splendid you are?
  • Do you want to live a busy life surrounded by people or a quiet life with just a few people who are important to you?
  • How do you want to be seen, heard and known?
  • What is your unique expression of life?

And that all leads to the question of how are you showing up in the world right now?

Because to get the things you want, you must be the person who receives those things.

Are you trusting that showing up wholly as you is safe, that you can be you without unpleasant or negative repercussions? What was your family’s story? Were you encouraged to be you and show up in all your glorious individuality?

It breaks my heart to see people needlessly struggle with a sense of isolation or hopelessness, feeling stressed out and anxious uncomfortable in their own life and feeling at risk for some unknown reason if they even attempt to express themselves without filtering it through the learned prism of ‘acceptable behaviour.’

And people feel like their letting themselves down if they do and if they don’t. We just can’t win!

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients transform to feeling like they can do anything they set their minds to, having the confidence to step up into a bigger more visible presence in their lives on their terms.

To watch them start taking action, being committed to living life as they always wanted to, no F*cks given, confident in themselves and what they do, how they think, act and believe in themselves.

To see these people now feel connected, authentic, fully alive and thriving. Knowing they have the right to dream BIG and feel inspired and act on it.

I have a process that takes people from where they are, stuck, stressed out, anxious and feeling dissatisfied with life to feeling like they are on it, at the top of their game and inspired to be fully themselves and know and trust that is always enough.

I love to watch people wake up from the trance of mediocrity, scarcity and fear. A hypnotic trance that most of us live in. I love seeing them experience full conscious awareness of who they truly are and all they are capable of.

And my clients are no more special than you, because you have your own greatness inside of you.

Isn’t it time you unleashed it?



PS. I’m reworking everything I do to create a monthly group program where people come together once a week to grow, share, learn, laugh, cry, support and be supported. I have no idea what its going to look like yet but I do know that my 1:1 work will reduce and become much more expensive.

So if you want to get in before the prices lep up, do so now. Because come the end of March, I’ll be launching my as yet unnamed group program and putting 1:1 work on the back burner. I truly think I can serve more people better in this way.

I love my 1:1 work and am gladly accepting client registration right now -but only if you’re the right fit.  If you’re ready to invest in yourself and move forward faster, gaining greater insight and self knowledge that you ever had before,get in touch. To see if that’s you, listen to the audio on this page and take the next step. Can’t wait to hear from you.

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