What is your baggage? Is it time to drop the load?

What is your chosen belief that hits you up every time you decide to do something new?

There are several fairly universal beliefs that we all have to one degree of another:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m not worthy
  • I’m not important
  • It’s unsafe for me to be seen

When did you pick this up? How long have you been carrying it? Isn’t it time to let it go?

It’s so hard to keep wanting more in life and never making moves towards it. To always come up against a wall, a solid brick wall that’s built from those old thoughts and beliefs that keeps us trapped. These thoughts form a prison, we are trapped behind its walls.

Don’t you want to break out? To be free of it? To stop saying this old story over and over?

And pulling down that brick wall improves everything for you starting with your mental and emotional health, increasing your resilience and well-being.

Stop punishing yourself for where you are. It may not be where you want to be. But instead of asking Why am I here? Why didn’t I do this or not do that? And beating ourselves up for where we are, why not take a break from that and ask, how do I make a different choice?

How do I make a different choice?

What do I need to heal past this situation and start to thrive?

Am I able to feel my sadness, grief and hurt in myself and move past it?

The answer is yes. You can.

You have to be able to recognise there are other options, more choices, different things available to you.

And if you can’t start with what you want. Then we’ll work forward from what you don’t want.

What don’t you want? Here’s an excerpt from my new program I’m developing that addresses this very issue…

Knowing what you want

This starts from knowing what you don’t want:

When I ask client’s ‘what do they want to have happen?’ which is one of the first questions I ask, they often don’t know. They shrug and say, ‘well, I don’t want this.’

Great. Start there. What is it that you don’t want?

  • Don’t want to be overweight and unhealthy?
  • Don’t want to be broke?
  • Don’t want to feel unsatisfied with life?
  • Don’t want to be passed over for promotion?
  • Don’t want to feel broken, stuck, miserable anymore?

Now think about how you flip what you don’t want into the end result, the ideal end result you absolutely do want.

  • I want to be fit, lean, sexy, to look amazing in my clothes and out of them. To feel amazing in my right sized body, knowing I’m attractive and healthy at last, with boundless energy and incredible vitality.
  • I want to always have money in my bank account to pay my bills in full, on time and to have surplus for my wants and desires, to have enough to put 10% into savings, 10% into investments and 10% into charitable giving.
  • I want to live a life that matters, to live on purpose, and feel like I am doing what I was born to do and making a difference.
  • I want my work efforts, my creativity, my productivity recognised and rewarded and for my career to move upwards smoothly as I grow and learn and get better at what I do.
  • I want to feel loved, safe, empowered and juiced up. I always know the next right thing to do and I listen to my innate inner wisdom and take aligned action that brings me success in building the life of my dreams.

Feel the difference in those statements. Feel just how uplifted and inspired you feel when reading the ‘what I want ‘ statements. That’s what motivates you and gets you up in the morning feeling ready and able to live a life that brings you peace, happiness and success.

What is the end result you want?

That is what you focus on. Every day, for a few minutes in the morning and evening.

This is science. Not woowoo. This is not Law of Attraction nonsense but it demonstrates the Law of Attraction in action.

What is your BLISS identity?

Imagine you live in a state of BLISS. What does that look like, sound like, smell like, taste like, feel like?

Build immunity from the world as it is right now for you by focusing on what you want the world to be like.

Imagine the world is integrated, the Oneness that Quantum tells us is real and true. If you are connected to all things and can call in what you want (without impinging on other people’s right to call in what they want), well, what is important for you to do right now?

Imagine that all your interactions are WIn/Win/Win for you, for the other person and the world. All your relationships are healthy and deliver good.

See yourself as healthy in mind, body and soul. Loving and accepting yourself as you are.

Imagine trusting that you live in a benevolent Universe and you are taken care of, loved and nurtured, receiving all you need and everything you want, because you focused on that, you concentrated on creating the circumstances you always wanted for your life.

Drop the old identity and shift into a new one by asking questions that lift up your perspective.

  • Why am I always surrounded by peace and happiness no matter what happens?
  • Why am I able to achieve so much in so little time?
  • Why am I always surrounded by love and amazing people to whom I feel an amazing deep connection?
  • Why am I so brilliant, so genius, so capable of tapping into Source for inspiration to create my life as I want it to be whenever I want?
  • Why am I so good at making, keeping and multiplying money, riches and love?
  • Why am I so good at taking care of my health?
  • Why do my goals and dreams come to me with such ease, joy and speed?
  • Why does the Universe have my back?

Thinking like this won’t solve all your problems, what it does is help you think more clearly to imagine creative solutions, and you’ll have better and better solutions as you trust your intuition and personal integrity more and more.

What you’re doing is breaking the current hypnotic trance you’re existing in and creating new more empowering beliefs as your hypnotic normal state of being.

Hypnosis works by making changes when you feel safe, relaxed, excited about your possibilities. You become more open to suggestions to make those changes you want to experience.

Its time. Time to change, to drop the old baggage and start over with a new self chosen identity.

Who are you really? What qualities do you want to embody? What kind of life do you now want to live?

It’s only possible if you change how you talk to yourself about yourself.

  • Have an intention for how you want to live.
  • Visualise it intently, with every sensory detail you can imagine.
  • Emotionalise the images, anchor them in your body with feeling and sensations that are real in the moment.
  • Do that often enough that you get prompted to take aligned action to bring it into physical reality.

I invite you to become a client and make it way easier to do this faster.

Regardless of whether you do or not, open your mind to what is truly possible and see that its more than you ever believed possible.


Cynthia xx

PS. I’m reworking everything I do to create a monthly group program where people come together once a week to grow, share, learn, laugh, cry, support and be supported. I have no idea what its going to look like yet but I do know that my 1:1 work will reduce and become much more expensive.

So if you want to get in before the prices lep up, do so now. Because come the end of March, I’ll be launching my as yet unnamed group program and putting 1:1 work on the back burner. I truly think I can serve more people better in this way.

I love my 1:1 work and am gladly accepting client registration right now -but only if you’re the right fit.  If you’re ready to invest in yourself and move forward faster, gaining greater insight and self knowledge that you ever had before,get in touch. To see if that’s you, listen to the audio on this page and take the next step. Can’t wait to hear from you.


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