Don’t go to war with your body and expect to win!

When you say you’re going on a diet, how do you normally feel? Defeated maybe? Annoyed that you’ve reached a body shape and size you’re unhappy with? Frustrated that you have to start another programme of deprivation and denial?

I think its fair to say that no-one has ever really been enthusiastic about going on a diet. You might look forward to the results of all your efforts but the process, the time and energy you have to expend to make it happen? Feeling  pissed off at having to forgo your favourite ‘bad’ foods, forcing yourself to say no to the foods you love and eat those you can hardly bear.

Like that’s going to go well!

As I said in the title, you can’t go to war with your body and expect to win. You are declaring war on yourself and that’s never going to work.

The only way to get long lasting results, the only way to make it easy is to get to the bottom of whatever emotional issue makes you overeat and clear the feelings you’re holding onto. Take away the reason why you overeat and you will no longer overeat.

Its the only thing the billion dollar diet and fitness industry rarely addresses and its the only thing that really works. Will power will get you so far and you may lose a lot of weight through sheer force of will alone but almost every dieter who just adjusts their food and exercise and doesn’t look at their emotional reasons for why they eat the way they do will usually put all their lost weight back on again. You need to address the issues of why your body is fat.

There are 2 things that cause you to gain weight and keep it:

  • Chronic Stress – Being in chronic stress keeps your body holding onto weight. It could be financial stress as studies show that people who are chronically worried about money are more likely to gain weight. Or  it might be relationship stress; even boundary issues as people can use the increased body mass as a boundary, a buffer between themselves and the outside world.
  • Emotional and Habitual Comfort – Overeating to stop feeling our feelings, to numb us, push the feelings down and then sometimes we’ve carried the weight for so long we feel safe within it and we don’t want to expose ourselves to being different in the world, we don’t want to even try. And we use it as an excuse to hide from the world too.  ‘Once I lose the weight I’ll ….follow that dream,  go for that promotion, date that guy/woman…’ And its so much easier to use the weight to hide from life, to use it as an excuse not to get out there, to not out yourself on the line.

When you change how you think and feel about yourself, your behaviour and habits change too. When you start to love yourself and love your body you won’t want to punish it by overeating or giving it poor nutrition. When you care about yourself, you take care of yourself and your food choices will reflect that care.

Hypnotherapy is a fantastic resource for change, and makes addressing those emotional issues fast and easy.

When you’re ready to change, schedule a consultation with me and make it happen faster, easier, and with long lasting results.




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