What do I do? Hmmm, let me think about that one a minute…

When people ask what I do, and I say Clinical Hypnotherapy, I inevitably get the ‘Oh, you help people stop smoking?’ thing.
In all honesty, I don’t. Not because there’s no value in doing that for people, there is of course and I have many great colleagues who do this work better than I ever could.
But helping people ‘fix’ a problem like giving up smoking doesn’t fire me up the way helping people get over a damaging childhood does. I get lit up helping people get over childhood trauma and the damage that inflicts on their adult lives.
People get stuck, they lose hope life will ever get better, they let go of all the dreams they had of who they want to be, what they want to achieve. And often times they don’t know why. They beat themselves up for not working hard enough, not wanting it enough.
Its got nothing to do with that. If you’re stuck in life, not moving forward to where you want to be, not happy with how you’re showing up in the world? That’s got everything to do with damage dONE to your personal power, usually damage inflicted in childhood.
I struggled with this for years myself. So I know the pain of being stuck and not doing what you know you are capable of and yet not knowing why you’re not doing it. Just endlessly spinning your wheels, distracting yourself and then beating yourself up, adding more pain to your misery.
Like it says in the title picture, when someone now asks what I do I say ‘I help people strip away the dead weight of lost hopes and dreams and leave the pain of the past behind to reawaken joy in their lives.’
Now that I’m more clear in what I do and in communicating that, I don’t think anyone will ask about giving up smoking anymore 🙂

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