Every Day Choices

Every day we make hundreds of seemingly inconsequential choices. To eat the doughnut, to have a beer, to sit on the sofa, to have another coke, coffee, biscuit. Every single choice is the same thing when you boil it down. Every choice you make, from whether to get up early to meditate/exercise or lie in bed, what to have for breakfast, whether to lose your temper or not. Every one is a decision you’ve made, something you’ve chosen and its always the same choice, just dressed up differently.

Love or fear? Are you acting from love for yourself or fear of the world? What are you choosing today?

It’s easy to forget about the long-term consequences of small choices, especially when temptation (say, a jumbo frosted cupcake) is right in front of you.

Instead of summoning every ounce of willpower to resist the urge, remember: When in doubt, play it out.

That’s right. Play out the entire story from start to finish. You pick up the cupcake and eat the whole thing; then, in the heat of the moment, you eat another.

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